Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Sunday @ FIL's place

My previous post (if you did read it) was about our Easter Saturday @ MIL's place and today I'll talk about our Easter Sunday @ FIL's place. My husband's parents are divorced many years ago but has no other kids apart from hubby and his siblings. They are very close just like any Filipino family that every ocassion they'll celebrate it together especially Easter and Christmas as well as birthdays. We usually split our days between MIL and FIL that is why Easter Saturday was with MIL and today (Easter Sunday) we were @ FIL's house. It's a great day and we started by attending a church service around 11 ish until 12 noon. It's a perfect time for a family sunday mass and FIL's was surprised that this time we are actually bang on time. And to make the story short, we had our Easter egg hunt before our Lunch and had a walk on the park after. I had a great time photographing in-law's flowers especially tulips. I can't seem to get enough of it. But of course my kids are always my favourite subject. So, here's a shot for shares......

Note: You can view more @ our Easter Sunday pics here......enjoy!

IMG_8143 The beauty of in-law's yard@ FIL's gardenIMG_8120

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