Thursday, 26 March 2009

A star in a sulky mood

Thursday is another fun day for me. My kids were both at school and hubby's at work. My girl made me proud yesterday and honestly, they always made me proud day after day. I can't helped but admires my very own flesh. And who wouldn't? If you scroll down below you can read my entry about my smart daughter. And today, it is my son who made me extra proud because he was such a good boy at his school and in fact was a little star. Every time I picked him up the teacher always tells me how my son is doing. Today, my son didn't cry at all. He was enjoying playing with his mates and he did some painting, drawing and writing verticals. Last thursday, he made me this very touching mother's day card. It was way too precious and priceless. It made me smile all the way home. He was very proud of it too. Today, he was a little star and the teachers enjoyed having him at their class. Before we head off home, he even gave a big hug and kiss to his teacher ;).

Anyway, this is what he wears at school. They just pre-school and they can just wear anything. They haven't got any uniform aside from their P.E. lessons. He decided to wear his brand new hat today and it did made him sulked after I commented of how he looks like. It was purely a joke when I said he looks a bit girly and he just went sulked for minutes. He might be a star but his temper is unbelievable. Nevertheless, he made us very proud!

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