Thursday, 12 March 2009

Simple Natural Acne treatment

Why I always suffer with acne? It may not too obvious but it certainly shows when I take a close-up photos of myself. It definitely shows my tiny spots and it's so annoying. I so hate Acne it just so ugly. That is why I always keep an Acne Treatments with me wherever I go. But, I much prefer a Natural Acne Treatment so there is no need for me to think about side effects or skin allergies. Don't you find acne annoying? I really get spots when I exposed myself too much into dusty places or any places that are not so clean. I am born and raised at countryside where I get pretty much fresh clean air and soon as I got to the city I started suffering acne's. I think it's the air polution. Then, I thought coming here in England would stop my acne too but I was wrong because I still got them every now and then. But its not because of the polluted air but its because I don't have enough sleep every night. I should get 8 hours sleep at least to keep my face beautiful. However, I am just thankful that there is such thing as acne treatment and at least it works for me. It simply treat my spots and it vanishes without even a scarce.

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