Saturday, 28 March 2009

Saturday Shopping Galore

Next had it's mid season sale and mostly are half-price or even less. I dragged hubby there on Saturday afternoon and we managed to spend quite a lot for just buying clothes for the kids mostly for our beautiful princess. I had a great time looking around the sale range and it was definitely fun. Hubby managed to picked some for the boy and I helped my daughter too. She was eyeing for non-sale items and I told her we will go back there once it's sale again, lol. Well, we bought her 2 pair of shoes that are non-sale items because it's what she likes. Little guy also has a mind of his own because he picked his own shoes. It really made us laughed!

Anyway, here's the new stuff we bought today............just taking photos for keepsake and for my pic-a-day entries.

One of my fave storeAnd her first pickPAD entry # 80Mostly for KathSize 18? Double XL?Lil guy's new shoeslittle girl's new gladiator sandal

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