Thursday, 5 March 2009

My Little Guy is at School Today!

I sure missed him being around here at home but I have to accept the fact that he is 3 years old and have to start schooling. At the end of the day, it is for his own good. I admit that it has been very difficult for me since he start going to school. I missed him during the hours that he is at school. He is my youngest and we bonded strongly, we spend too much time with each other unlike when my little girl. She grew up where there is tons of people around her and help me to look after her. Whereas, its only me and my son when both big sister and Daddy are out. It's puperly a separation anxiety where he cries everytime he is separated from me. There is always tears when I dropped him off but, he recover as soon as I am gone and enjoy being with classmates, that is according to the teacher. And I believed so....... However, today is quite a long day for him because he stays at school for 4 hours and have lunch there too. So, I can't wait to pick him up later at 1pm. He started 9am and was quite pathetic because he wanted me to stay beside him at his classroom but I explained that Mummy has to stay outside and wait until his finish. I don't think he accept that reason though. But you know, my son has to go school as most of the boy his age are doing the same thing. It is good for him and for me too. I can see that he is also enjoying it although he cries for mummy at the beginning and that is just pretty normal. Soon, he'll be going full-time, so this should be a good start and a good practise for us both. Nah, my daughter was never been this difficult because she was so independent and even kicked Daddy out on her 3rd day at school. It was Daddy who were pathetic, lol. And bare in mind, she was even younger when she first start at pre-school. She was only 2 and a half years old. She went to Playhouse in Banilad Cebu (aka Bright Academy). But it's different when you see your child crying pathetically. But I have to be firmed!

Anyway, this pic below was taken during his very first day.........
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First day of Pre-schooling

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