Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My Kids enjoying their Coffee's

It's been a week of miracle as we have sunshine and I must admit it does made my day more brighter and inspired when the sun is out all I want is go outside and enjoy every minute of it. So, another weekend came and the entire family went for a day trip to Arundel city. It was a beautiful exciting day for us though we ended up strolling around the city of Arundel as the Castle was closed for season. We had our lunch at Pizza Express. I had my seafood Pizza and the kids had their fave dish plus their meal comes with coffee. A Bambachino, a kids delicious coffee that is made out of milk and Mocha-toffee. The kids certainly had fun drinking it and wanted some more but unfortunately you have to order another meal before you can avail one. But we thought 1 small cup is enough for them. Here's some picture below........

Kids puchinoSip

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