Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Long Lost Vouchers!

PAD entry #60

I couldn't believe that after 3 years I will be able to find this long lost gift vouchers of hubby. Imagine, he had this gift vouchers for more than 3 years now as it was given to him during his 40th birthday party. He misplaced it and forgot all about it. It was only me who keep insisting that he hasn't redeem this vouchers yet and could probably just misplaced the thing. He couldn't remember on where he could have keep it until last night I was clearing out all the missed in the cupboard and there was this plastic bag full of papers and was wondering what else is there so I gently digged it out and the first thing I saw was this lost vouchers. It must have been my lucky day! So, I told hubby that this time I have to keep it before he lose it again. He is useless when it comes to keeping things as he don't remember where he kept it most of the time, lol. Perhaps, it's sign of ageing, lol. [Kidding]!

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