Friday, 27 March 2009

Kath's first Major Accident

We couldn't believed what had happen tonight but as we call it accident lang gyud. My Kath was stirring the boiling pasta because I allowed her so and accidentally her jimjam/jammies caught a fire. The lucky thing was, she ran to us for help straight away. If she didn't it could have been worst. I blamed myself with this incident. I was really tearful and was praying before we took Kath to the hospital that everything will be alright. I was really shaking the whole night even after the Doctor said that she is OK. They took care of her wounded thighs by applying loads of vaseline cream and by dosing her paracetamol (calpol) to prevent her from pain. The wounds should heal quickly as it is only in the very top layer of the skin. However, the health visitor will pay us a visit sometime soon just to check what had happen. So, looking forward to it. Anyway, Kath will not be able to go to school tomorrow as Doctor's request because she has to rest her wounds until its heal. And btw, she was given this comfy teddy by her Doctor. I'm really very thankful that my girl is now safe and OK.
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