Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Kath Spring Term Report

Kath's School Report

Last night was the Parent-Teacher Consultation for Kath's development at school. It was Daddy who attended it and he came home as usual with Kath's Spring Term report. I am so happy knowing that she is developing so well. She is not so far from being top of the class. I can't really asked for me but to be proud of what she achieved. She is certainly brainy and that I can be sure of. However, she still does need to work a bit of her confidence as she is such a bright girl. The teacher even commented that she definitely can go in Grammar school. Hubby and I are just so proud of her and we like getting her report card every single term because we know it would be full of compliments. What more is, she is the most polite in her class which is very flattering. You know why, the Behaviour of the child depends on the parents. So, it's a one thing we did right as a parent for having the most kind and polite child at school. She is always polite to everyone and that is why she is loved by many.

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Ethel said...

wow! ka nice kaayo sa report ni Kath, kinsa gud ang parents nga di ma proud pag smart ang anak dame noh?
Happy weekend!

anne said...

wow that is good to know girl, I know the feeling though I am sure you and your husband celebrated the fulfillment of your daughter, btw girl I have a tag for you, just take ure time, post it if you have enough time, I know you are busy there taking care of your family and working as well too, here is the url ingat always.