Saturday, 28 February 2009

Wish we Could relocate to Scottsdale

I fed-up with this miserable weather in Britain. If not raining, its too cold and its too windy and I so much hate it. Even summertimes begin still we suffer wet, cold and gloomy weather. It's not fair I thought but I can't change the fact about what the mother nature give us, do I? If only it's easy to relocate to Scottsdale now. I would certainly do it especially on what I saw about the New Home Development. Its just way too cool to be able to enjoy the real heat for most of the year not once a year. I'm feeling so crap staying too much indoors and sat on my PC most of the time and gaining weight over the year. The weather here makes me miserable and depressed!

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Jessica said...

Sorry your weather is leaving you feeling blue, Simply_Haze. I know that moving is never easy, but I just moved to Scottsdale from a rainy city as well and haven't looked back! I'm looking into investing in some north Scottsdale real estate soon.