Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Still Dreaming of Cornwall

When I first came here in UK about 3 years ago I met a woman at my daughter's school and eventually became friends. We always talked about our holiday and anything about family trip. I remembered once when she asked about where and how do we spend our Easter. My answer was, the same as usual with the family at home. She said theirs was at Cornwall as they love spending Easter over there. I heard this place a lot and how beautiful the beach is. Plus, accomodation is easy as there are some Luxury Cottages Cornwall available. Since then, I have been wanting to go Cornwall. Only if hubby is not that lazy to drive for 6 long hours. I know it would be worth driving to Cornwall as there are loads of wonderful scenery, beaches and other great attractions that the place can offer. I would never dooubt on going to Cornwall but we are waiting for the right time and of course when we are financially settled. It would not cost much if we are going to drive and then rent Luxury Cottages from the Valley. Nah, it is sure a dream for me since I never been to a fine beach here in UK and I heard only at Cornwall you can see such. Perhaps, Easter would be a great time. I better suggest this to hubby again. Who knows, this time he might agree with me and it could be our family Easter break. Would be great, really.

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