Saturday, 28 February 2009

Online games are hubby's companion at night

Full Tilt Poker is one of hubby's fave online game. He does play every night but only not for real money. He only play it purely for fun and to self entertain him especially in between his night time paper work. He does get bored easily so he usually don't finish his work until morning. Sometimes he don't get sleep at all that is probably why he looks so tired all the time. luckily, there is such online games available whenever he gets bored and need entertainment. It's the wonder of the web, games and etc.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken

I hate to say it but KFC here in UK are far better than the one in pinas only that there is no rice available, lol. Everytime I crave for crispy fried chicken I always go KFC. There is no other choice anyway. If there is Jollibee here I would definitely not swap it for anything, lol.

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Wish we Could relocate to Scottsdale

I fed-up with this miserable weather in Britain. If not raining, its too cold and its too windy and I so much hate it. Even summertimes begin still we suffer wet, cold and gloomy weather. It's not fair I thought but I can't change the fact about what the mother nature give us, do I? If only it's easy to relocate to Scottsdale now. I would certainly do it especially on what I saw about the New Home Development. Its just way too cool to be able to enjoy the real heat for most of the year not once a year. I'm feeling so crap staying too much indoors and sat on my PC most of the time and gaining weight over the year. The weather here makes me miserable and depressed!

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My son's 3rd week in School!

My son's 3rd of school was fine though he still cries every time I dropped him off. These photos was taken on Thursday on his way to school. He was so excited for the first time Daddy was available to send him to school. So, he runs all the way to his Daddy's car. It's fun to see kids loving school. Few more weeks and he'll completely settle in with his mates.

The excitement of a school boyHis 3rd day in a 3rd week of schooling

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Onlines Games including Bingo & Keno

I've known some people who are into online games and I once was that person too. I was very addicted to this online bingo once in my life but stop when I was expecting my 2nd child but now I kinda thinking to have a go sometimes. I am not sure though whether I am still good at it or not. There are always bingo sayings, bingo information and tips to become a better player somehow. Like this website that I stumble upon lately. It's a blog where its related to online bingo and any games available online. Keno strategy is up there too. It's a perfect place to be playing online games. I'm glad I found this website. Go and take a visit!

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Friday, 27 February 2009

Who Did my Make-up?

It was few weeks ago when Mary Kay's consultant visited me here. It was just showing me the best facial care I could possibly used and yes I was convinced and totally believe the product so I bought a complete set. The second time round she came again and help me to look fabulous and here's the result. I loved it!
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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Home Studio Portrait

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This is my first studio portrait I've done since we move house. I have few studio accessories (pretty basic) that I need to get a better studio portrait however, I badly a good Studio lightning as well as umbrella. But I am slowly getting there and who knows by next few months I will complete my stuff. Anyway, I am kinda satisfies of this shot because it comes out really well. I only used a lamp as and flash gun. No other model of course but me and my little guapita.

By the way, it's alreadu quarter to 11 pm here and should be my bedtime but I can hang on for a bit just to check out details of this top usa internet casinos. It got me excited, lol.

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Friday, 20 February 2009

Romantic Flower

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I simply love roses especially red ones. I also love the pink but red stands for romance. I have been getting flowers every Valentines day and this year I was surprised I didn't get any but hubby decided to give me a fragrance that are made of red roses. It was so cool of him and the day after we went shopping and then he bought me the red roses. It was so romantic of him. I didn't expect anything much because he already bought me my facial stuff the week before. I must say how blessed I am indeed to have such a loving and amazing man. I can't asked for is always in the air!

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Still Dreaming of Cornwall

When I first came here in UK about 3 years ago I met a woman at my daughter's school and eventually became friends. We always talked about our holiday and anything about family trip. I remembered once when she asked about where and how do we spend our Easter. My answer was, the same as usual with the family at home. She said theirs was at Cornwall as they love spending Easter over there. I heard this place a lot and how beautiful the beach is. Plus, accomodation is easy as there are some Luxury Cottages Cornwall available. Since then, I have been wanting to go Cornwall. Only if hubby is not that lazy to drive for 6 long hours. I know it would be worth driving to Cornwall as there are loads of wonderful scenery, beaches and other great attractions that the place can offer. I would never dooubt on going to Cornwall but we are waiting for the right time and of course when we are financially settled. It would not cost much if we are going to drive and then rent Luxury Cottages from the Valley. Nah, it is sure a dream for me since I never been to a fine beach here in UK and I heard only at Cornwall you can see such. Perhaps, Easter would be a great time. I better suggest this to hubby again. Who knows, this time he might agree with me and it could be our family Easter break. Would be great, really.

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Friday, 13 February 2009

For my Girl

I was browsing some dresses online for Kath this spring or summer or even for Easter and I come across this one and find it very cute. So, I am going to purchased one and maybe shop for more. Monsoon is definitely the best brand for the kids. I just love their dresses for children and of course their lovely accessories too. They are my fav brand apart from Next.

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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

How to look Fab?

It's undeniably true that women/girls do love to look good. Some may read magazines, glamour books just to learn on how to look fabulous? They even tend to spend money just to ge the look that they wanted. There are loads of beauty services around but it is difficult to find the most trusted and safe one. I heard about microdermabrasion nsw lately and how good their services are. The clinic are offering good laser hair removal as well as skin peel. So, I guess to those people who wanted to get rid of their unwanted hairs then this could be the perfect clinic for you. So, check it out now!

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Make Over

I had Mary Kay's consultant visited me 3 days ago and I had so much fun learning how to be glamorous while she was giving me tips about glams and glits. I thanked hubby for signing my name up for MK's consultation because I have learnt so many things about how to look good and make your self presentable. Here's what she did to me the other day, giving me a complete make over. How do you think I look?

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Pubs in Sydney

My in laws just got back from their Sydney trip few weeks ago and they sounds like they really had a great fun on their Sydney trip. We met them for dinner last night and with some of their friends too. They talk about of going back again later this year because they quite like the idea of visiting each pub sydney and partying. Hubby said that we surely be doing the same when the kids are old enough to be left on their own. So, for me I just enjoy hearing great travel ideas from family and friends and hope someday I'll be able to share my own.

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Friday, 6 February 2009

Kath's first sewing project


My girl impressed us last weeks when she brought home her sewing project that she made for weeks. She has been attending sewing lesson every thursday couple months ago. Hubby and I are so proud of what she done so far and we know deep in our heart how smart and fast learner our Kath is. We are sure lucky to have such a bright daughter.

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