Saturday, 31 January 2009

Package on its way!

I had my balikbayan box picked up last night and now it's on its way to my family. I am just as anxious as my them to receive it because I know that they'll gonna love all the contents. It was a super Jumbo with free bulilit again and I didn't have a hard time filling it up because I got so many ideas what to buy for my family. Mama and Papa have what they asked for and gladly it's January sale where I got everything on reduced though some items aren't but still I saved a lot of money this time. And of course there is hubby who helped me too. He paid the box shipment and bought some of the items for my nieces and nephews. We also sent old clothing of the kids.

Anyway, Mama asked me for this Nescafe Gold Blend too. I sent them four bottles the last time and it seems they're loving it. Luckily, it was on sale the day when I decided to buy it. I was gonna buy it anyway sale or not because I couldn't disappoint my Mother. So, 4 bottles is what I can get to fit the box because it was already full. I hope it will last until the next box again, lol.

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