Thursday, 1 January 2009

My Wish for 2009!

Although I was a little bit teary-eyed last night but still I was so much thankful and happy to celebrate the new year with my husband and kids. I was feeling homesick because I remembered my new year celebration back home and how eventful it can be. Yes, I'd wish I was able to celebrate new year with my parents, sisters, brother, nieces and nephews.

Anyway, I decided to have a short review of the year 2008. I know 2008 was not at all perfect and was not all happy because there was tears, sad moment and etc. However, I was grateful for I was able to overcome all the trials and struggles I have been through. If not because of this amazing man on earth (my husband) I would have totally lost my sanity. Gladly, I have married the right guy, lol. Well, I would not totally say that 2008 was all sadness too. Its more like 25% was struggles and tears. Both my parents were on critical situation (both were confined and hospitalised) and that was the most scariest part of all. But God never failed to hear my prayer and I know He is always there to listen and keeping his hands on us.

Another shocking news was, when hubby's Auntie was diagnosed with Cancer. Doctor had gave up already on treating her and the family are now hopeless and devastated. She is terribly ill at the moment and only miracle can do such healing.

Anyway, moving alonf into positive side of the year 2008. We had such a good summer although weather wise was not great but still we enjoyed all the way through. There were actually loads of good things happen like hubby had his pay rise and me too. I enjoyed my job and earning enough to support and pay my siblings school fees. I did achieved quite a few project both here and back in Philippines. Kids are healthy and of course me and hubby too and that is the most important things of all.

So, my wish for 2009 are good health for me and my family as well as to my in-laws and my parents back home. I wish that hubby's company will survive the credit crunch and that he won't lose his job. We wish to buy the house we want and of course our trip back to Philippines too. I wish that 2009 will bring peace, happiness, joy to all of us. We also wish to get a place on that school we applied for Kath. Fingers cross for that one! I wish everyone a Prosperous and wondrous new year of 2009!

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anne said...

Everyone was affected with global economy crisis and we must admit that somebody was not able to hold on to their jobs. But I believe God is always making a way to those who loses their job. In some way life still move on. Happy new year to you and your family