Tuesday, 20 January 2009

My 3 years old Boy!

Silly boy!

Ahh, time flies! This little guy of mine is now 3 years old. So grown up and becoming more and more independent each day. He is now potty fully trained during day time plus sleeping on his own bed for 4 nights already. Hubby and I decided to buy the kids a bunk bed a month ago to encourage my little guy to sleep in his own and accessorising it with Doctor Who's stuff was a great help. So far, he is been sleeping on his bed 4 night in a row and although he wakes up few times in the night it doesn't matter for it is a part of his training and soon he'll get used to the idea. He has been doing great lately and that make us really proud. At the moment we are waiting for a place at the nearby playgroup so he can join in at least twice a week. It would be a good time for myself while he is at school. Finger cross!

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anne said...

he is so looking good