Monday, 26 January 2009

From Small to Big and to Small again

We moved out last year to a bigger house and rented for 6 months because we wanted our apartment to be renovated. We got used to a bigger place and enjoyed having more space plus garden. But here comes winter when we realised how cold it can be and that we appreciated our little small apartment and so we didn't wait another month to move back in. Now, we're here again in our little 2 bedroom flat warm and comfortable. The only thing we missed is having so much space to store our unused or rarely use stuff. Hubby and I talked about renting a garage storage for a year or so until we move to a bigger place again. We just want to have a little more space here in our flat so a garage storage would really help a lot. It should at least give us the space we wanted to make our living room more friendly and a little spacious. I'll have to check some better deals.

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