Monday, 26 January 2009

Change it for the better

Pic-a-day entry #11

I have definitely decided to change my shampoo from Pantene to Head & Shoulder and the obvious reason is my dundruff. I was so addicted to Pantene and used it for many good years. However, last 6 months ago I have realised that my dundruff was thick as snow and gosh it was so itchy that I nearly damaged my skull for scratching it too much. I cannot work it out why and how did these dandruff fall into my head? Until hubby suggested me to try different shampoo. I didn't try any other but Head and Shoulder. For a week, I clear all my dundruff and no itching too. So now, I fully decided to change my shampoo for the better. It is no different from Alcohol and Drug Recovery where you have to decide to change or not and once you will, do it for the better and find the most friendly environment to have your drug retreat.

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