Friday, 2 January 2009

Better Way to Call

I have been living here in UK for over 4 years now and yet I am still using our landline whenever I want to call my family. Yes, they charge me a lot and I often call them twice a week and that I spent fortune every month. It is not helping us especially with credit crunch. So, I am looking for some better way to call my family back in Philippines that won;t charge me as much as our local provider. I have tried different Phone Cards before and yet they were as bad as using our landline for it stops every minute and yet they carry on charing me until my credit runs out. So, I hope to find a better
Prepaid Phone Card this time and by that means I can call my family without worrying how much my bills by the end of the month. Calling Cards should be the best way to used when calling abroad or anywhere around the world because you can minimise your time and set a limit of your chat. Luckily, just this minute I happen to browse over the web to look for the right phone cards and I came across to this union telecard website that sells calling cards. Based of of what I have read up through their page, they are actually way better than most of the prepaid cards around. Why? Because they don't charge the connection fee and it is auto rechargeable too. So, I am about to buy one and try dialing my family since I haven't called them after Christmas. Would be nice to have a weekend chat with my parents and siblings. You should try it too.

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