Saturday, 31 January 2009

Package on its way!

I had my balikbayan box picked up last night and now it's on its way to my family. I am just as anxious as my them to receive it because I know that they'll gonna love all the contents. It was a super Jumbo with free bulilit again and I didn't have a hard time filling it up because I got so many ideas what to buy for my family. Mama and Papa have what they asked for and gladly it's January sale where I got everything on reduced though some items aren't but still I saved a lot of money this time. And of course there is hubby who helped me too. He paid the box shipment and bought some of the items for my nieces and nephews. We also sent old clothing of the kids.

Anyway, Mama asked me for this Nescafe Gold Blend too. I sent them four bottles the last time and it seems they're loving it. Luckily, it was on sale the day when I decided to buy it. I was gonna buy it anyway sale or not because I couldn't disappoint my Mother. So, 4 bottles is what I can get to fit the box because it was already full. I hope it will last until the next box again, lol.

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Full Heater

I am the kind of person who hates cold weather and if you are giving a chance to live with us in our house you'll hear me whinning all the time. British weather are'nt great since I arrived here earlier 2005. Even summer, we are lucky to have 1 or 2 good days with a total sunshine, no raining or chill breeze of winds. Autumn, Spring and Winter are miserable, really. That is why hubby had to add extra heating equipment in our house just to keep me happy. Luckily, he refused buying crap equipment because he believe that you get what you pay for in life. Therefore, he'd rather spend more to have a good quality things in life. That is why we have a very good heating equipment and that is definitely helping me a lot to cope at this miserable cold weather of theirs. [LOL! And I really have a good used of it for I tend to have the full heater during winter not only for me and the kids but also for my laundry to dry quicker. Honestly, I don't know if I can survive without it. Even in summer I heater often. Just as well we have a good quality brand of heater as it is very useful all year round.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

For Papa

A lil something 4 papa

Its been a year when Papa asked me to buy a replacement for his old broken watch and I was so slow to do it until last Sunday. I finally bought it and now is in my balikbayan box and ready for pick-up. It's going to arrive in weeks and there is little something for everyone to open. I hope they enjoys it. I can't wait to see the pictures because this time I sent a new digital camera too.

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Faxless Payday Loan

The world is affected by credit crunch. I'm fairly sure that there are loads of family struggles to meet their daily basic needs. They may even struggles to get a loan. But now its no longer to worry about as their is already a Faxless Payday Loan available and offering their great services to anyone. Basically, its a short term loans that surely helps people who desperately need cash. Apex payday loan is here to help!

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Perfect Captured

I love their facial expressions

I so love this pic because they have a very natural facial expressions. We were at the Doctor Who exhibition in Earls Court and the three of them were busy looking the big telescope behind them and so I asked them to turn around for picture and soon as they did I snapped them. This is the result! The three of them aren't ready and I thought it's the best shot! Lol!

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Personal Loan

My friend next door is dying to visit back in Philippines but they have struggled financially and so is considering of applying personal loan to use as their pocket money. They have the ticket booked and yet they can't find a bank that offer bad credit personal loan. She asked today if I know any place where they could apply for a loan. I told her she should check online but still she is not sure whether they can get approve because of their bad credits previously. I said their is always a way and some banks do offer a loan without needed for credit checks. Even there is no need for home ownership. All they do is help you out and offer a very low interest rates monthly. A loan that you can surely afford to pay in less than 36 months. Nah, I hope she is checking it out!

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Monday, 26 January 2009

Handsome little Guy

with his backpack....ready to go school?

My son is certainly looking good everyday. He is definitely growing tall. He just turned 2 and yet he stand 3'6 already. I just hope he wouldn't stop growing and continue to grow tall like his Daddy. I always wanted my kids to be taller and my daughter will certainly be taller than me. She is 4'5 the last time I measured her last summer of 2008. We always check their height every year in summer and marked the latest height to see how long they grow each year. We normally do it at Grandad's house so I am looking forward for their height this year. Anyway, just sharing a picture of my son looking so grown up with his backpack ready to go school.

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Bye bye house!


This a photo of me at our old house and now we are leaving it all alone. The only thing I missed is the big garden. Anyway, so much for that!

Moving along, I have been discussing with my cousin about what tactical gear he really wants or ani specification so I can get it done before end of this week.
Leather holsters is what he specifically asked and just lucky I can get it anytime online. My only problem will be, is how long the deliveries? Aside from that, I am ready to make an order. Oh well, I have to check the shipping of course. I shall do it now!

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My son's Dalek Cake

Dalek Cake

My son turned 3 years old couple weeks ago and it was happily celebrated with few guest and families. Same with the big sister he has quite a gew celebration and little parties. First we had an advanced party with friends joint with 8 months old celebration of baby Lance. Second, on his birthday with us four and third with grandparents. He enjoys his birthday so much and has been talking about it a lot. He sure had so much fun blowing his cakes though. Time flies, really!

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Change it for the better

Pic-a-day entry #11

I have definitely decided to change my shampoo from Pantene to Head & Shoulder and the obvious reason is my dundruff. I was so addicted to Pantene and used it for many good years. However, last 6 months ago I have realised that my dundruff was thick as snow and gosh it was so itchy that I nearly damaged my skull for scratching it too much. I cannot work it out why and how did these dandruff fall into my head? Until hubby suggested me to try different shampoo. I didn't try any other but Head and Shoulder. For a week, I clear all my dundruff and no itching too. So now, I fully decided to change my shampoo for the better. It is no different from Alcohol and Drug Recovery where you have to decide to change or not and once you will, do it for the better and find the most friendly environment to have your drug retreat.

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Personalised Pens

Kath was given these pencils by her Granny and Grandad on Christmas and I thought it was the most amazing idea of gifts. MIL said it was her colleague who inspired her to get one. She did a great job for Kath loves them so much and never in a day she wouldn't used it.
11th of January

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From Small to Big and to Small again

We moved out last year to a bigger house and rented for 6 months because we wanted our apartment to be renovated. We got used to a bigger place and enjoyed having more space plus garden. But here comes winter when we realised how cold it can be and that we appreciated our little small apartment and so we didn't wait another month to move back in. Now, we're here again in our little 2 bedroom flat warm and comfortable. The only thing we missed is having so much space to store our unused or rarely use stuff. Hubby and I talked about renting a garage storage for a year or so until we move to a bigger place again. We just want to have a little more space here in our flat so a garage storage would really help a lot. It should at least give us the space we wanted to make our living room more friendly and a little spacious. I'll have to check some better deals.

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Friday, 23 January 2009

Flower Mode

Just recently I have been snapping flower after flower. Its pretty much my subject everyday. I love photographing a flower as it is easy to get a sharper photo. Its not that I have a garden to grow flower but still I have them in our house everyday. I tend to buy flowers if not hubby to put a life in our household. Certainly, I am a flower lover and who doesn't? Like last couple weeks ago I bought this bunch of flower and only cost me pennies because it was reduced according to the dates. But honestly, it's still blooming now so it was all worth every penny I spent. Bargain yet a good 2 weeks of satisfaction. Here's one of my many photos. You can view the rest here...enjoy!

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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Weather triggers Diabetes

I found very interesting website that talks about how weather triggers healt many problems. My grandmother used to tell us that too much heat can make our asthma worst. Or cold weather can cause athritis. So, if you suffer such illnesses then you should be aware of the weather in your area. Now, you may asked how can Diabetes triggers? Well, weather can and that is the alarm that was published yesterday. By joining mediclim you can be warn always. The website is very handy for many people and you should check it out and perhaps registered yourself to get the daily alerts. Read on for more info's. Great website and I highly recommend it!

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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

My 3 years old Boy!

Silly boy!

Ahh, time flies! This little guy of mine is now 3 years old. So grown up and becoming more and more independent each day. He is now potty fully trained during day time plus sleeping on his own bed for 4 nights already. Hubby and I decided to buy the kids a bunk bed a month ago to encourage my little guy to sleep in his own and accessorising it with Doctor Who's stuff was a great help. So far, he is been sleeping on his bed 4 night in a row and although he wakes up few times in the night it doesn't matter for it is a part of his training and soon he'll get used to the idea. He has been doing great lately and that make us really proud. At the moment we are waiting for a place at the nearby playgroup so he can join in at least twice a week. It would be a good time for myself while he is at school. Finger cross!

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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Rave Lights

and I came across to a great site that sells rave lights in which I thought of buying to send out for my nephews back in Philippines. I just don't think chocolates are enough to make them excited when they open the package. So, a little something to play around after having some sweats perhaps would make them happy. I didn't give them anything big on Christmas so I guess this is my chance.

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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Pleasantly Surprised

Holidays are over and so is my birthday. Finally, I can relax and chill. Ooh, actually I can't because my son is going to celebrate his 3rd birthday soon. But, we are not planning for a big party anyway. I think we will just be inviting the relatives and few friends.

Anyway, during my birthday I thought I would never get anything because hubby already splashed out once at Christmas by giving me this new notebook. So, I have it in my mind that it a was joint present. Honestly, I never expect anything to open on my birthday but somehow hubby managed to surprised me again. I was so wide-eyed when I opened a big box in the morning of my birthday. And later on, he asked my permission if he could go out for 20 minutes and I asked him why? All he said was, you will see when I get back. So, when he camed back he sang a happy birthday again and handed me a little plastic bag and when I looked at it, it was a flashgun (EOS Speedlite). I was speechless! It was so kind and generous of him really. I did have a wonderful time. Here's a couple of pic and you can click here for more pics.

Aah, I was amazingly surprised with all this

my_27thbday_2009 01 04_0025

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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Which Telephoto Lens

I have been looking for another lens to be added to my collection since 6 months ago. I have reading reviews, forums and other photographers comments and etc. I am torn whether I go splurge of go budget one. These two lens are on my list and they are inexpensive lenses and all around one.

This is the Canon EF 28-135mm 1:3.5 - 5.6 IS USM lens which a little bit expensive compare to EF 24-85mm one and has IS featured in it. I can get one for over a £100 whereas the EF 28-135mm is 250 at least is the cheapest I can get. Hay, decision, decision, decision. I am confused and I still undecided at the moment. I have to since my birthday is very soon enough. It's either a treat for myself or hubby will buy it for me as a b-day gift. I still wanted to buy a flashgun but that can wait a bit later, I guess.

This is the EF 24-85mm wide angle telephoto lens....and if I'm will be sensible and wanted to save money, I should go for this. Nah, I let you guys know and I sure know in my birthday.

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Friday, 2 January 2009

Better Way to Call

I have been living here in UK for over 4 years now and yet I am still using our landline whenever I want to call my family. Yes, they charge me a lot and I often call them twice a week and that I spent fortune every month. It is not helping us especially with credit crunch. So, I am looking for some better way to call my family back in Philippines that won;t charge me as much as our local provider. I have tried different Phone Cards before and yet they were as bad as using our landline for it stops every minute and yet they carry on charing me until my credit runs out. So, I hope to find a better
Prepaid Phone Card this time and by that means I can call my family without worrying how much my bills by the end of the month. Calling Cards should be the best way to used when calling abroad or anywhere around the world because you can minimise your time and set a limit of your chat. Luckily, just this minute I happen to browse over the web to look for the right phone cards and I came across to this union telecard website that sells calling cards. Based of of what I have read up through their page, they are actually way better than most of the prepaid cards around. Why? Because they don't charge the connection fee and it is auto rechargeable too. So, I am about to buy one and try dialing my family since I haven't called them after Christmas. Would be nice to have a weekend chat with my parents and siblings. You should try it too.

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Thursday, 1 January 2009

My Wish for 2009!

Although I was a little bit teary-eyed last night but still I was so much thankful and happy to celebrate the new year with my husband and kids. I was feeling homesick because I remembered my new year celebration back home and how eventful it can be. Yes, I'd wish I was able to celebrate new year with my parents, sisters, brother, nieces and nephews.

Anyway, I decided to have a short review of the year 2008. I know 2008 was not at all perfect and was not all happy because there was tears, sad moment and etc. However, I was grateful for I was able to overcome all the trials and struggles I have been through. If not because of this amazing man on earth (my husband) I would have totally lost my sanity. Gladly, I have married the right guy, lol. Well, I would not totally say that 2008 was all sadness too. Its more like 25% was struggles and tears. Both my parents were on critical situation (both were confined and hospitalised) and that was the most scariest part of all. But God never failed to hear my prayer and I know He is always there to listen and keeping his hands on us.

Another shocking news was, when hubby's Auntie was diagnosed with Cancer. Doctor had gave up already on treating her and the family are now hopeless and devastated. She is terribly ill at the moment and only miracle can do such healing.

Anyway, moving alonf into positive side of the year 2008. We had such a good summer although weather wise was not great but still we enjoyed all the way through. There were actually loads of good things happen like hubby had his pay rise and me too. I enjoyed my job and earning enough to support and pay my siblings school fees. I did achieved quite a few project both here and back in Philippines. Kids are healthy and of course me and hubby too and that is the most important things of all.

So, my wish for 2009 are good health for me and my family as well as to my in-laws and my parents back home. I wish that hubby's company will survive the credit crunch and that he won't lose his job. We wish to buy the house we want and of course our trip back to Philippines too. I wish that 2009 will bring peace, happiness, joy to all of us. We also wish to get a place on that school we applied for Kath. Fingers cross for that one! I wish everyone a Prosperous and wondrous new year of 2009!

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