Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Celebrity Sexy White

I have been so envious about celebrities because they can just get whatever they want in life. I mean they got fame, money, beauty, and anything added to make their life perfect. For instance, having their teeth white and all of that sort. Having said that, I wouldn't mine treating myself into this teeth whitening sometimes. I just felt that my teeth are getting yellowish every year. I think its also ageing, don't you think so? I think I have to be careful when it comes to looking after my teeth. I would want to maintain my sexy smile with a clean white teeth. However, stains can't be avoided especially when you are caffeine addictive. Honestly, my teeth are not as white as it looks in the photo and sometimes I even get so depressed starring at it for hours. I have a serious thought of bleaching it but the cost is unbelievable. It'll be my new years resolution to have a Celebrity Sexy White smile, don't you? How I truly wish! Well, I have to be sensible and use celebrity sexy white and hopefully I get what I wish for. I can't wait to try it and I am so excited and much-anticipated of the result because based on some reviews I read on, Celerity Sexy White does really works!

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Monday, 29 December 2008

What a Wonderful Christmas

Our Christmas was wonderfully spent with family and relatives. We all had a great time and of course when it comes to gifts each of us gave some ACE presents. We spent our Christmas day with my Mother in-law and Boxing Day with my Father in-law. We truly had an amazing time especially the kids. They sure are being spoilt by both sides of the family. My in-laws are just the best in the world and I could not asked for more.

This is what I've got from my dearest husband, a new Sony VAIO High Definition Notebook and yes he always spoiled me every Christmas.

My New Toy!

And this is one of the things hubby got from me. A Mulberry Black leather Wallet and to see the rest of his presents from me then head to this other blog of mine and read on.

Mulberry wallet for hubby from me :)

Kath also got his Nientedo DS and her other gifts from the rest of the families can be read on here. My son got his remote control robotic Dinosaurs and plus other many things from families. Everyone had truly an amazing time during Christmas. Thanks goodness!

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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Just a few Christmassy Fave Snaps

I have taken hundreds of Christmassy photos and I can't share them all here at once so, I decided to choose a few from a vertical shots because width is a bit of a problem when it comes to sharing photos as it overides my sidebar. To view all our holiday photos just click here and there are some more I haven't uploaded yet because still I'm busy organising at the same time enjoying the Post-Christmas Sale. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!


to Daddy from Mummy



Best gifts always for mummy & daddy

Santa's helper

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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Hydrotherapy Pools and Aquatic

Winter oh winter, days that make me miserable and fat. I tend to eat more during winter and that I put on weight quickly and lose nothing. So, getting a bit flabby here because I also feel lazy and refused to do some exercise. Ah, its terrible feeling when you know that you are gaining weight and yet you still wanted to eat more food. Nah, I probably had put on few kilos already and I am not happy about it. I blame it to the weather though. Anyway, how it would be nice to have one of these Hydrotherapy pools in our house. It could probably encourage myself and everyone else to be more active rather than just sitting all day and do nothing but eat and sleep.Aquatic therapy is another great idea too, because, it could help us make to be fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do you agree? How about you? How are coping the cold weather? I bet you are the same as me who seems to like eating more than anything else. I suggest we should investigate on how to get this hydrotherapy pools. Its always a nice feeling to achieve something when it comes to our health and weight. Speaking about it, I should visit the website now.

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Monday, 22 December 2008

Few Gifts More!

As I've said before we are not that organised when it comes to buying presents earlier. Year and after year we always joining the Christmas rush and that always irritates me.

Btw, we usually celebrate Christmas with family here in UK but this year only celebrates it with Mother and Grandad together with Auntie Amanda and Joanna. We always have Roast Turkey for Lunch or Dinner then a cold Turkey on Boxing day (basically, left over from Christmas). My husband's family are very close to each other (not dissimilar to my family back in Pinas) because they celebrate Christmas together and that is big Family event every year. It is nice thing to have especially with kids to be able tp swap presents with cousins, Aunties, Grandparents, play games and chit-chatting all day too.

Anyway, buying presents for everybody can be a bit tricky especially when they already have pretty much everything. Hubby and I always give something nice to our family every Christmas. So, hoping we might come up with something different this year although find it difficult what to get for everyone and that is one single reason why we are still unfinished with this particular business. Anyway, Hubby is gonna shoot out early tomorrow because he wants to go on his own to buy our presents too. I mean for me and for the kids. He always surprised us every year and I'm loving it. I, on the other hand also want to go shopping tomorrow for hubby's other present and hopefully I can then decide which one could be his main present. I am just glad we've done shopping yesterday and now just waiting for Christmas day for Family Portrait.

Btw, I shared photos in my other other blog during our weekend trip to Amberly.....Enjoy and Happy Christmas to 'ya all!

Anyway, here are the first few presents we bought earlier on......

Haven't done our gifts shopping at all!IMG_0409

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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Green and Pink Tree

My daughter asked her Daddy if she could have her own christmas tree in her bedroom. So, last week we went out just to especially buy for it. We were gonna get her a real one but unfortunately we could not find that is smaller for her bedroom. She then decided to have a pink tree instead. And also grabbed few ornaments for it and when we got to the till we are surprised how much the tree actually cost. As far as I know before buying it, it will cost at least £8 for this 3ft artificial pink tree. But guess how much it cost? Would you believe it only cost us 1 pence? How cheap! We just got so lucky because by the next day it was back to full price, hehehe. Lucky Kath! So, now she had a pink tree in her bedroom with few ornaments in it. And our green tree is also up since Dec 1.



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Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses

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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Simply Charming

My little guy is such a poser. It's rarely a day without snapping him with his cheesy smile. No doubt, he takes after me. But hopefully his enthusiast of camera would not fade. Like my eldest she used to smile whenever she sees camera but she has changed a lot these days. She has already a mind of her own no matter how many tricks I used just to convinced her for photographs. But ocassionally she loves being on the spotlight too but I guess she is more interested on watching television and doing things on her way rather than getting involved with mummy's picture obsession.

So, I think I got to take all my time picturing my little guy because not long from now he'll also more interested in other things. Here's a great shots I took couple weeks ago on our way to picked up the big sissy. He is simply charming!




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Holiday Plan

Me and hubby are both taking holiday this month until the first week of January. Its a grea timing with our daughter's school break too. So, we plan to go off somewhere domestic for few days. We might even take a trip down to Southwest part of UK again to visit his ill Aunt. But the next weekend we will be down at Sussex to see my in-laws. We thought it would be a great fun to stay longer and perhaps accommodate ourselves to one of East Sussex Hotels. Hotel in Rye is such a great place and we would never doubt to check in once we've decide. It would be a great family Christmas getaway. My kids are dying to have us both full time all week, so this gonna be their wish come true. What about you? Any plan this holiday season? If so, then we wish you all a happy christmas wherever you are. Don't eat too much!

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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Black and White

I have always love and admired black and white photography. So, here I am sharing my black and white scenes. Aren't it very artistic? I shot it using a RAW mode. It surely took a lot of memory and converting them to JPEG are truly an experienced.

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Amusement Place on the Web

I am quite bored and depressed at the moment and I don't really know why so, I decided to just entertain myself by playing poker all night until I get tired and ready to sleep. The casinos is sure will keep me amused. I just browsed through all over the big blog of casino game reviews and I thought of trying out stanley casinos to play online poker. Who knows the luck! I might win and that sure will enlighten my poor depressed soul. Wanna join in with me?

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How's the family Doing?

Hi and hello to all! Have a good frosty and icy morning! Today, I had to wake up really early to be on time for my daughter's school because hubby wasn't around to drop her.

Anyway, here's how everyone in my family doing...


Pretty much busy of his job, driving down to Heaththrow airport everyday. Yes, not very economical petrol wise. Hoping he'll be relocate to Gatwick Airport earlier next year. The positive side is, he'll be taking at least 2 weeks off this month so, it'll be more fun time with the family again.


Me, I am doing pretty well too. Got loads of plan for the holiday to come as well as got loads of photos that need to be downloaded and uploaded to my flickr but haven't got a chance yet. Busy baking and cooking for my sweetiepies everyday. Oh yeah, I'm very busy being a mummy and keeping things right. Still taking some serious responsibilities here (aside from being a wife and mother) and back in Phils, if you know what I'm talking about. Happy of what I've achieved from the past and excited for the Christmas to come as well as new year then my birthday. Getting older but happier!

~~~Kath (Babygirl)~~~

She is definitely doing well at school. Missed few days due to some season illnesses but luckily she recovered very quickly than the rest of us. Was making Mummy proud and hopefully Daddy (if he see's the Christmas play later that I've recorded this morning) of what she did this morning at her School Christmas Nativity play. She did so well and make mummy tear-eyed. She may not have lots of parts as she was only a villager (a good old friend of Mary & Joseph and wishes for a safe journey before they left to Bethlehem. I'd thought introducing the Family play was great part. She surely memorised and delivered the paragraphs so well. Well done babygirl!

~~~Christian (Babyboy)~~~

Ooh, my youngest did so well on his potty trained so far especially today. After we got home from school, he went directly to his potty. And ooh, he was very well-behaved in the cresche this morning according to the people who looked after the kids while the parents went to see the Nativity play. My boy is also growing and chatting, wittering even more now.

So, this is our updates so far. About the Christmas, we only did our tree up but not doing so well with the presents yet hopefully we could go shopping this Saturday after my work and could wrap them up in the night time before proceeding to watch a family movie. I sure got very active helpers here. Season greetings are still not sent too. I'm really hoping to do it all this weekend.

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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Clothing for Women

Shopping has been the most exciting hobby for many. Like me, I tend to get excited whenever I have the chance to shop. Recently, I have been searching for some christmassy outfit for the family. I know I can get it online since I have found a very convenient website that listed all the possible and great store where I can hunt sales and bargains and that is no other than shopwiki. They revolunises shopping since it seeks out every store on internet. I have been looking for my outfit to wear to christmas dinner party. So, I browsed down to women's clothing and there I found loads of bargains as well as Women's designer clothing if you like. I want something that has red in it and there is absolutely a wide range of choices. Shopwiki is brilliant, you don't even need to go out the house to do your christmas shopping since they've got everything we want which includes christmas gift's ideas. Ohh, isn't life simple with shopwiki? I think so....

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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Im Grateful

for I have a husband who never failed to suprised me and never will say "NO" to whatever I wish to have for as long as he can afford. I hate to say it but I am a little spoilt by him. I think he just want me to have the best in life. I also dont demand to anything he couldn't afford. After all, we had children to provide in the first place. They are our priority especially their education. But I am just truly blessed to have a husband who loves me so deeply. I am fairly simple wifey of course and I don't spend too much nor use any credit cards. I also don't hide anything from my husband. When I go shopping, he always knew it and I always show him proudly to whatever new stuff I purchased. Hiding is just the same as stealing and using the husband's credit card without their permission just to get whatever you wish is not good. I don't aprroved of it as it a disrespectful to your behalf. Hubby and I never hide things nor secrets from each other. We knew our financial situation and we discuss things everyday. I am proud to say that I have my most amazing man in the world who are a great provider, a great friend, a great confidant, a great father and a great partner. I couldn't ask for more!

Today, after my work we went shopping and I told him I found a black trench coat that I have been wanting for long. And he bought it straight away without hesitation. I was gonna pay it myself as I have my own money but he insisted and said just a thank gift fo being a good wife and mother. How touching plus with a flower! He never change at all, he is still the same guy I have met 7 years ago. And I hope he'll always remain loving, kind and faithful.

Anyway, here's my newly purchased trench mac coat......will wear it tomorrow to attend a friend's baby christening.

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Lucky Live Casino!

I have tried casino and unfortunately never won anything but a loser! And yet I still wanna play more and hoping to step into the world where best casino games are held. I have never tried playing live roulette therefore when I have a chance it would be the first game I would play. What about you? Have you plan anything fun this holiday? If you are looking for any entertainment idea then I would suggest you visit lucky live Casino website for I know you will enjoy all the classic games such as blackjack, baccarat, live roulette, poker and many other great games. If you are you family don't have any plan to out this holiday season then you could still enjoy and have a great time in the comfor of your own home. You should at least save money from petro or any other way of transport expenses just to go somewhere to play casino. Why go anywhere else where you could have a great fun at your own home? At lucky live casino every games you'd wish will be available and with such a good games facilities you wouldn't look for anything else. So, have fun this holiday by simply staying at home and enjoy the lucky live casino website with you love ones. Look further on for more details!

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Package has Arrived!

I sent a super Jumbo package to my family back in Philippines 6 weeks ago and it has just arrived last Monday. They were delighted of all the goodies I've sent especially the chocolates, digital camera and mobile phones. I am also happy knowing that they like what I bought them. It was loads of goodies for sure for it was a Super Jumbo size of box with a free bulilit one. Jireh international shipping is the best one to use. I have used other shipping company before during my first 3 packages and unfortunately I'd lost some items as it was already open before my family got hold of it. It was so upsetting knowing how much I'd spent just to shipped it through so that my family can have some luxury once in a while and lost it after all? Little did I know that the delivery men would actually stole it. But my last package did arrived completely full. Its still sealed when its delivered and my family was amazed of all the contents. I just want to treat them and share a little bit of what I've got. I'm grateful for I'm blessed with so much therefore I want to share it with the people I loved.

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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Infrared Saunas

Do you have a stressful life? Then you should try getting Infrared Saunas? The Infrared sauna will offer great health getaway. If you suffer from a menstraution pain, asthma, ulcers and any other illnesses. If not it can be an answer to your stresful life. So, you should start a health getaway today by getting a far infrared sauna. There loads to benefits from it in all health issues. This is a great time to buy one for I know by far that after this holiday we surely put on weight and by using sauna it can help us lose weight quickly. Ahh, sauna has many good benefits to offer. If you are doubting then you should visit and read more information regarding this health product. But for me, as a mother to two plus work, my life can be so stressful and I would love to have my own Sauna to use whenever I want to relax myself and de-stress. It could be a great gift's ideas to someone you love too.

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Ignored task and hubby complained

I have been given tons of task online from few blogging company but ignored them for weeks because I was busy with my work and with the kids. If I am not at work I make sure I spend time with the little ones. Hubby has been complaining of me workign during weekends. Weekends are the only days he can rest and he is always looking forward to it just to spend time with us (his family). I have been working weekends for the past months and this month too. So, hubby has the right to complained. I am trying very hard to say "NO" to overtime but I am just too kind. That's how I married hubby for I didn't wanna say No, hahahaha. [KIDDING]

Anyway, I have my holiday coming in couple weeks time. By then I should be able to take them out and having fun. Hubby is also taking some holiday from 22nd of Dec and probably up to 1st week of Jan. I planned to visit few places that I haven't been before. Will also spend Christmas witht he family.

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