Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Things I can do......

If I wouldn't be proud of myself then who would be? I am a woman who always has a big determination in life and will always push hard just to accomplish it. I may not be successful in others eyes but for myself I have done more than enough to be proud of. I can simply cook, I can scrap, I know a little bit about Photography, I have a job, I earn, I can dance, I helped friends who are in need, I can stand up for myself and so many other things I can do. So, not only I know how to pakigol and or kundat and uban pa but there are so many stuff I can proudly do as well. But one thing I would not dare doing....ang mangutang aron mapalit kung unsa ang naa sa uban. No way, Jose! Also, I don't make up story, what I'd say here is simply the truth.

So, here's my design lately............

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Monday, 29 September 2008

Our Filthy Old Pad

Last night after our dinner before heading back home we decided to stop by our old pad to get some stuff. Also, hubby was measuring the bathroom as we are about to refurbish it by next week. I was feeling a little emotional because since I got here that is the place where I live. Now, its really looking tired and filthy and its badly need a renovation and cleaning. I know we will be doing it before renting it out. Just a month ago we called some window installer company and they came over to evaluate the cost of replacing our windows. We didn't like the result as it came out too expensive and we knew that he is about to ripped us off if we pursue the plan. Gladly, hubby is a smart cookie otherwise we could have spent more than we should. So now, we are still looking for a better window installer. I found out about contractors USA and their website had more little details and as I read it through I find it quite helpful and maybe will suggest it to hubby and he could see and decide. We had some people do the bathroom by next week and carpet replacement as well as repainting the whole pad. Oooh, the window is so badly need some replacement. It's getting old and dirty and I'm sure people who will rent our pad would be so happy if we replace the windows. We just have to be careful and wise and find the best and affordable window installer. Contractors USA might be the one.

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Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Moon Shots

Just as we arrived home I saw these beautiful Moon and since it is a good shot from my Son's room I quickly grabbed my camera and took a snap of it. How I wish I had a more than 200mm telephoto lens. It could have been more focus and close up. But never mind, it's a part of my learning process and maybe I have to save some money to buy new lens.

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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Simple Scrapping

I seldom scrap because I find myself busy of my other hobby. I also spend most of my time with my kids especially my toddler. Also been busy ironing, folding, cleaning the house and busy filling my balikbayan box. I am really hoping I could ship it the end of this month. Just crossing my finger here because its not even full and my bulilit is still empty. Anyway, here's my latest scrapping.....Happy Friday all!

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New HTC Phones

I am amazed how many new technologies just come and go nowadays. It seems was only yesterday when I upgraded my phone to the newest and latest but here we go again with this so tempting latest gadgets. Don't you just want a this new HTC Touch Viva? It brings the great touch pad power. If you are about to upgrade to the latest mobiles and phones then miss not the awesome HTC Phones. This is the moment you been long waiting for the touch pad power phones.

At HTC is where you can buy any of the latest gadgets and new high-tech phones, PDA phone devices and etc. Among others, HTC also features as many product innovations and launched it all over Europe, Asia, USA and many other countries. So, why don't you visit the store and browse through all the great featured products and who knows you might like a new HTC Sim Free Phones this year. Plus, it's Christmas and I bet we all are thinking what to give out as a presents for family, friends and partners. Maybe this would be a great.

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What's for Dinner?

Tonight we had stir fry vegetables and Mung Beans soup as our main dish. I cooked sweet corn for starter and banana milkshake for pudding. I always make sure my kids had a proper meal everyday. They tend to request more the banana milkshake. I'm glad they like milkshake because it is just as healthy. I usually just add skimmed milk and a little ice cream. The sweetcorn is just their favourite starter too. We're such lucky to have kids that is not hard to feed. They both have very good appetite as you can see how healthy they are. In fact...too healthy, hehehehe. And thank goodness, they also love fruits and veg.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A friend who is desperately in need of Cash

Yesterday, after dropping my daughter to school on our way back I met my friend who just arrived back from their summer vacation. They went to Phillipines for nearly 4 weeks. We chit-chatted for an hour in the cafe while having breakfast. I had my son with me who is so loud and noisy. Before I went home she asked me if she could borrow at least £1500 from me. She just need to send it back home for her Father in-laws medication. It is desperately needed soon or he'll get worst or could end up his life. Only if I had that sort of money I wouldn't doubt lending it to her but infortunately I am just as skint as her too. I suggested that why not she get a Personal Loan? That is the most obvious solution as to these days that almost everyone are affected on credit crunch business. Everyone suffers from debt problems or money shortage and etc and it is impossible for her to find a friend that could lend her that sort of money. She is working full-time in a hotel and for sure she is qualified of Payday Loans at anytime. Best leading lenders offers a low rate in any loans and are willing to help anyone who needs cash. That is what my other friend did when they bought their new family car couple months ago. They just applied for Car Loan and in less than 24 hours they receive the cash directly to their account. Simple as that! Loans are the best options to any financial problems.

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Monday, 22 September 2008

Finally met the New Cucharo

We finally met the newborn baby Jacob and the new addition to the Cucharo family. I finally held him in my arms and he was so cuddly. I was so tempted to squeeze his cute little hands and feet. The smell of a baby is what I missed the most. I can't wait to have another one pretty soon. Don't you just love babies or newborn?

Here I am giving little Jacob a hug and I was cuddling him the whole time we were there.

The boys with Jacob's Dad, Nathan (Jacob's elder brother), my husband and my son.

With the beautiful ladies except little Jacob.

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Friday, 19 September 2008

Macro Shots

I am only good at still life photography. But when it comes to insect I am just as bad as a baby, lol. I am still learning everyday and I am trying to concentrate more on my hobbies these days that is why I am not updating my blog as often as I used to be.

Just a couple weeks ago, I bought this sunflower because it was reduced to £2.99 from £9.99. And it takes couple weeks before it dies too. The rose is given to me by my daughter. My mother in-law was picking roses and Kath pick two as well just so she can give me flowers after my work. She is so sweet as candy. So, I took some photo using my Macro Lens. Gladly, it came out well. Hubby really love this shots.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Catholic Singles

Single and been looking for someone specific and is faithfully catholic? Why not try and join at Catholic Singles. A website where you can chat pure Roman Catholic and even request to see them live. And that if you are pure single and are looking someone to date and who knows befriend with. Visit the website at www.catholicmates.com and start chatting catholic singles in your area or anywhere else in the world.

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My First Time to See these Animals

Our only summer break this year but we had so much fun. We had a great time and for5 days out of town we decided we quite like it. Having a break from computers and blogging is really not a bad thing at all. Spending quality time with family is such a great happiness.

If last year we hit beaches at Southwest this year we are up for animal adventures and historical places too. But first let me tell you about our Longleat trip. We went to Longleat the 28 of September 2008 and spend like almost all day in the place. It has so much thing to do up there and we didn't even finish it all. All we did is Safari park and Secret Gardens. We fancy for the Safari boat next time. The best thing was I've seen animals for the very first time such as Giraffe, Rhino's and Zebra's (except the camel). Anyway, I was really hoping I might see Elephant's but unfortunately they haven't got one. I have to somewhere else to be able to see one. Anyway, the kids had so much blast too and never wanted to go back to the B&B's that we stayed. [LAUGH]

Here are some photos and for more pics please click here....Enjoy!

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Buying, Selling or Renting

I bet you many of us wanted to sell, rent or buy these days. We are about to relocate next year that is close to Kath's junior school. Now, we should be starting to find houses for sale (if not for rent) depending on house market. If the house prices continue to drop then we might buy our dream house next year. It is not easy to keep moving and find house can be a little daunting too if we don't find any trusted realtors. So, if you happen to live Minnesota you might wanna take advantage of Minneapolis Realtors. Also, Raleigh Realtors are available for any queries. Both are good real estate agent and should be easier for you to relocate, buy, sell or rent if you use one of the mention realtors above.

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Nagger! Am I?

Every morning me and my daughter always have a fight regarding in getting ready for school. I always told her that she has to be in the school at 8:50 am but sometimes we get there 10 passed 9 already and it's embarrassing to be the only one who always come late to her school. I pushed her to eat quicker because, my god naman, she is slow as snails, I tell you. She is like a baby tasting her first solid food. Imagine, it takes her 30 to 40 minutes to finish just for the bowl of cereals. Yeah, I get so stressed and I end up shouting at her. She is on the age (6 yrs old, soon to be 7) to start being rebellious already. So annoying....it reminds me during my days. I think I'll have to be more patience and maybe get up early too. We usually get up at 7 in the morning and yet we manage to get most of the time. Bare in mind, we had to walk to the school and it takes us at least 20 minutes to get there. School start at 9am but teachers advised us to be there 10 minutes before. And it is really a challenge for us but I promised this year to be more on time. So far.....we are doing well and hoping we will keep our time up.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Out of Budget

It is only middle of September and my salary is almost gone. I spent quite a lot this month aside from paying my sister's college and other school fees I also bought so many goods for my Balikbayan box. I tell you, sending our packages to my Family ain't cheap at all. Beside paying the shipping fee I also need to spend more money on the content. But never mind, if I am really that short of money before payday I could always get a Pay Day Loans. Apex payday loans offer a low rate cash advance and that I have no need to look further as I can always rely on their excellent services. This is the good thing of having having a job because I can spend my money whenever I want and not feel guilty at all. And if I am out of budget there is always payday loans that can guarantee me up to £1000. This is really handy, don't you think so?

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Poor Hubby

Hubby stayed up so late on Monday night just so he could be here to look after the kids while I go work. So, I let him sleep all morning while I got our daughter to school. My friend Bea was not able to babysit Christian because she has to do some cleaning. I screwed up hubby's meeting schedule but I don't have choice since I can't cancel my work because I am planning to get another 2 days holiday this half-term break.

Anyway, I just feel pity to hubby because he decided to get his work done all night and was so knackered afterwards. But there we go, we managed it all. Now, its tuesday and I am free until thursday. I only work part during mondays and fridays 10 hours a week. I am just lucky that hubby is there for me whenever I need him. He has done so much to make my life easy. So, tonight I would let him sleep early so he can catch up those sleepless nights.

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Tactical Pants for Cuz

I have been looking for tactical pants recently to send in my box for Philippines because my cousin is requesting me some. He is now under militaty officer training and he asked me favour if I could include one of tactical gear in my box and he'll just going to give his payments throughb my Mum. I told him I will and he doesn't need to pay for it because it'll be my Christmas gift to him. I think he is more happy of the idea but he added if he could also have a little chocolate as well. Lol, such a funny guy my cousin is. Alright, I better get going now because I have to check lapolicegear website. It is the best place to buy tactipants or any police gear that we all looking for.

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A Message that Touch my Heart

I must admit that I was simply drawn with my anger because I was hurt when an online friend striked over me. Yes, I maybe a bit harsh about her. Usually, I don't hold grudges but when it is a personal insult, I always have troubled letting it go. I just felt totally insulted by her. But after reading this message, it makes me realise that after all I am no Miss Perfect. I truly apologised but previous post should remain for reference. Am I learning something? Yes....not to let my pride or anger rule over my heart. Here is another awakening story....

How To Forgive People
& Not Judge Them

By Jonathan Robinson

Have you noticed that some people are just plain irritating? Either they're incompetent, liars, loud mouths, or bullies. Some people are even all the above. If you don't live in a cave, you probably have to interact with such people from time to time. You may even have annoying people in your own family or house - which means you really have to deal with them. So how do you put up with people who "push your buttons," without becoming a raving maniac? Of course, you need to be able to set some boundaries with such people so they don't walk all over you. Yet even if you do that successfully, you're just doing damage control. However, by learning how to view "difficult" people with compassion, you'll feel better within yourself - and will likely help heal the troubled person you're dealing with. Fortunately, there are two questions that can almost instantly transform irritation into forgiveness and judgment into understanding. I call them the Compassion Questions.

Before revealing the Compassion Questions, it's important to understand why some people are so annoying or hurtful. First, they often have very low self-esteem due to having experienced a traumatic upbringing. Because they didn't receive the love they needed as a child, they use destructive and desperate measures to gain recognition as an adult. Second, they are usually unaware of the effect of their behavior on other people. After all, what they really want is love, and their way of behaving certainly doesn't lead to that result. And thirdly, when they are judged by other people (even non-verbally), they feel lower self-esteem - and thereby become more annoying to be with. Since when we judge people they feel more threatened, the best way to deal with difficult people is to avoid judging them in the first place. As they sense that you accept and understand them, they will tend to calm down and be easier to deal with. It sounds good in theory, but if you've ever had to deal with a truly annoying person, you know how hard it can be to forgive and forget. What's needed is a method that can instantly change your focus away from what annoys you, and instead allows you to focus on the emotional pain of the person you're dealing with. That's exactly what the first "compassion question" allows you to do. When someone is acting in a way you find bothersome, ask yourself, "What pain must this person have experienced in the past in order to act so desperately now?"

After you ask yourself this question, try to imagine the answer. Was the person you find annoying unloved as a baby? Was he or she mistreated by parents or teachers? Perhaps this person was criticized and rejected by everyone, and what you're seeing is the result of their pain. By imagining people as helpless, hurt little infants, you will likely feel some compassion for them. When you open your heart and let a little feeling of compassion in, it ends your annoyance. You can't feel compassionate understanding and irritation at the same time. By feeling or seeing the pain of the person you're dealing with, it will help that person feel less threatened by you.

The second way to instantly forgive people and feel compassion for them is to see how their behavior is like something that you do. Often, we feel the most irritation at people who have an annoying behavior similar to one of our own - one that we try to hide from ourselves. For example, I used to get livid at a housemate who made a lot of noise in the kitchen. I thought he was incredibly inconsiderate of others. One day I confronted him about the clashing of pans and cupboards that he created. He shot back, "Well look who's talking. If your stereo isn't blaring, you're wailing on your guitar or singing off key."

Indeed, he was right. Because I didn't want to think of myself as inconsiderate of others, I projected all my stuff onto him. Once you're aware of how you do something similar to the person you're annoyed with, there's a tendency to be more understanding and to forgive. Therefore, the second "compassion question" is, "How is that person's behavior like something that I do?" The more specifically you can pinpoint a behavior you do that is like the one that bothers you, the more understanding you are likely to be. In the New Testament, Jesus is quoted as saying, "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brothers' eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" By looking at the "plank in your own eye," you will automatically be sympathetic to the plight of the person you had previously judged.

Some people worry that being understanding or compassionate towards difficult people means you allow them to walk all over you. It doesn't. It merely means you view their behavior from a clearer, bigger perspective. When you ask yourself either of the compassion questions, it helps you to better comprehend the situation at hand. From a clear mind and an open heart, it is much easier to see the appropriate actions to take with a troubled person. Instead of adding fuel to the fire, asking yourself these two questions will help to trigger a healing process.

Ultimately, we are all very much alike. We've all experienced being in a nasty mood, and most of us have even treated other people like dirt on occasion. When we're in such a state of mind, it is only through understanding and caring that we are pulled out. The Compassion Questions are powerful. They can instantly transform your judgments into forgiveness and acceptance. Yet, because they are so effective, you may notice that your mind resists them. After all, feeling judgmental and self-righteous is a very safe and easy thing to do. Instead of using the questions with people who make you livid, begin practicing this method with people who just mildly annoy you. Once you see it can work with people you slightly judge, feel free to use these questions with people who really push your buttons. As you get good at turning annoyance into compassion, you will be helping to heal the heart of both you and others.

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Monday, 15 September 2008

Kinsay Akong G-pa-ibgan daw?

Is this very intriguing entry? May you scroll down to read more...........

Is it obvious that I do love myself too much? I love taking sexy photos. Is not because I am married and have kids I should stop enjoying the things I love to do. I am not looking another man nor showing off these photos to other men. I don't flirt with other man either and that I am happy to say that my heart is already belong to one man and that is no other than my beloved "BANA" and forever will be.

So, to the envious woman in my Yahoo Messenger who is clearly insecure of me, I tell you one thing, "Get the hell out and make a life of your own! Mind your own business, will you? I know how much you envy me and that you copy me all the time. Oooh well, copying is a form of flattery. But the bad thing is, you have a "Big Mouth". You can never copy me quitely.

Hilas kaau manulti, gapa-ibog ba daw ko. Labon cya karon grabe pud diay maka posing ug pakita-kita sa pusod...pakigol ug uban pa. So, don't tell me ikaw pud nagpa ibog sa lain nga laki? Kung ikaw pay pasultihon, you have only eyes for your husband. So, should I consider it too, na your looking for another prospect? Or you are just "Inggitira"?

For you to know, sa una pako mahilig ug picture2x....flaunting my sexy body at the very young age of 18. I don't judge people who take sexy photos as it is only a form of art. So, ikaw...angkon nalang na suya-on jud ka ug hambugira pa jud. Mangutang nalang gani aron mapalit kung unsa ang naa sa uban.

Diyos ko! Nagpasanto-santo pa diay to santong kabayo, lol. Labaw pang karigkigan, iyara di manakod, kina-iyang wa dinhi, wa didto. Hilasan lang akong puti nga kigol.

Ug dinhi nalang kutob, baw.

Sidenote: I know, kitang tanan dunay kasuya or pag admire sa buhat sa uban, walay ni usa na dili masuya. We are only human but at least naa sa lugar pud, you know what I mean?

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Saturday, 13 September 2008

A Surprised Gift

Anyone might say why on earth I got new camera again? Yes, I still have my DLSR (Canon 400D) but I wanted a smaller one that I could use sometimes if ever I am not in the mood of carrying my DLSR and lenses. I had a sony cybershot w70 and in fact I've got two of it but both are not working. I mean the other one is fine on taking photos during day time since the flash got broken after being run down by a car. I carelessly dropped it about few months ago and unfortunately it got smashed after a a car run it over thoroughly. Hubby tried on fixing it by buying another broken one through ebay and swapped the flash to make it work but it actually got worst, lol.

My sony w70 - flash not working

I didn't make a fuss because he just bought me DLSR last Christmas. But just on thursday he came home late but had a surprised with me. I was utterly surprised and overjoyed. He bought me this Canon IXUS that has 8.0 megapixels and has a larger LCD screen and much nicer than my Sony W70, quality wise. I was speechless and of course so thankful. He should be the one who'll get a suprised gift as he is the one who works hard for the family. He even stayed up late most of the night but still he thinks of me and the kids all the time. He is indeed a family man and a great husband in the world. So lucky to have him as my lifetime partner, bestfriend, father of my kids and so on.

This is the LCD screen looks like, larger than my previous one.

front view

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Friday, 12 September 2008

Wanna Have Chat with Bikers?

There is indeed millions of bikers around the planet and they would definitely love to have a chat to each other and find out what is what and what is this and that? Information about biking, stuff and etc....If you are one of those bikers in this world then you definitely need to look at this website and find out whats the latest news about bikes. A Free Biker Chat si available and on this way you can meet new bikers and who knows you might become good friends. This website is made for biker lovers only. So, if you read this post then go and click the link given and that will guide you through the bikers online forum.

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Kath Reading is Improving!

Every night my Kath reads her school book to me and tonight she read it very well. She is definitely improving! She keep on practising hours and hours, soon as she arrived home from school she'll start and when she is ready she either read it to me or to her Daddy. Aside from reading she is also doing well at her English and Math as well as her writing. But she hates history, lol. She loves arts where she can paint and draw.

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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Planning for a New Phone

I just upgraded my phone and yet I am thinking a newer one again. Is there any cure of this gadget obsession? I would love to be cured away from it otherwise the hubby will go bankrupt. I love to always get the latest model, don't you? I often use my mp3 player because I have downloaded so many music in it. I am looking forward to download more and Kanye West Ringtones are difinitely on my list. Don't you just love Kanye? If so, then why not you download his music at www.kanyewestrington.net now?

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New Bedroom Curtains

Couple days ago, I went out shopping for bedroom stuff. I bought 3 set of curtains, one for my daughter's bedroom and the other for our living room and the last one for our bedroom. My daughter's bedroom is fitting perfectly and the colour was so lovely as it gives more life to the room. Since its Autumn I had to change our curtains set to give it a bit of life. So, originally my plan was to get this terracota kind. I just adore the colour so much. But I bought the other colour which I regret soon as I got home. Now, I am thinking to dropped by in the store tomorrow and get this colour. I will just send the other one to Philippines.

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Searching for DPR?

Anyone who is searching for Divorce Public Records then you should check this website out www.usdivorcerecords.org. It's available online at 24/7. It makes your search a lot easier. All you have to do is put a particular name of a person, surname, middle name and age then State then your seach will definitely be successful. I assure you that you will find the DPR you are looking for in less than a minute. This is a very useful website and sure is handy for most of us.

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