Tuesday, 29 April 2008

My Precious Little Girl

I can't believe how grown up my Kath now. Imagine, she is a premature baby who is born 8 weeks early? He was only weighing 2.6 lbs and the height of 19 inches. Tiny, tiny little baby that make us all so worried by then. But with the help of God, whom made and sent us the finest instrument who happen to be Kath pediatrician who had look after my little tiny girl since she was born and until now or everytime we go back to Philippines.

Kath stayed in incubator for 3 weeks and won't be allowed home until she fully grown into the target weight. The doctor suggested to breastfeed but then later on my Kath was not really liking the Mummy's milk so, we had to switched her to formula's at a very young age. Tried so many different kinds of extracted milk to make sure which one she likes the best by basing on how much she had grown on the specific dates through under observation using the particular formula. And Promil Gold is her choice!. She had it until she is over 3 yrs old but not with the bottle because soon after she had her 2nd birthday, Daddy dediced to put her into one of those trainer cup. Dummy was also cut out 6 months later.

Now, she is growing so fine and healthy. Not to mention, the all sorts of vitamins she had taken all these years that helped her grow so fast not only as a beautiful fine little but as well as smart. She is growing so tall now and I know not long from now she'll be taller than me, lol.

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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Natural History Museum

It is such a cool place to visit especially educating the kids. Both my kids love the museum with all types of animals. I must say that my Kath is a very smart lil girl who seems to know better in history as well different names of dinosaurs and all sort of animals. I was laughed by hubby when I was tryign to argue with our lil smart kookie about between the octopus and squid and as usual she is right. Bummer! So, Daddy said that I just have to shut up because I am always wrong which is true. Anyway, we all have great time and my son loves seeing dinosaurs. One great place to visit is the Natural History Museum in London. Here are some shots!

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Friday, 25 April 2008

Product Endorsers

My kids are both working now as their Mummy's product endorsers as well as mummy's little models. Both of them love camera and camera loves them too:). Just last week I brought them with me to shop and bought few stuff each. Soon as we come both of them wanted to try their own new stuff, as usual they like having new things, lol. Wonder where they get it from? Of course, as a mummy I had my camera all set and took them photo each. I was thinking afterwards that they both can be a good product endorsers, hehehe. To everyone out there looking for one, here are my kids available depending on talent fee, lol. Just contact me, ok! And ohh, I finally made new layout, click here to see!

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Saturday, 19 April 2008

She is 115 yrs old!

Meet the oldest known person in the world who turned 115 yrs old. Her named is Edna and she remarkably active and fit, knowing she is already 115 yrs old. I think it'll be a miracle if I reach 100 yrs old. But I sure will be more than great to see grown old with hubby and see our grandchildren together. Ohh, why do you think Edna live this long? Is it because of her genes? I have read the yahoo article about this story and they reckon why she live this long, its because, she was and always is thin. Also, she never did worry about anything in her life. I think that also contributed to her long existence. Read the full story here..................
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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Cool Snowman (Couple Weeks Ago)

I know I have share some few photos during our last snow of the year about couple weeks ago but not this one with a cool snowman that our neighbors made. It is really cool one and there is no way on earth I would be able to make one like that because if I do my son is always there to knock it over. So, instead I enjoyed watching our neightbor making this snowman and had my picture taken afterwards. The second pic is my little boy who wander around in the snow.

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What is O'Mara?

I was very intrigued after hearing this place called O'Mara which sounds a very mysterious and yet fun place. So, please if anyone happen to come across and read this entry, could you tell me about O'Mara? I really wanted to go to this place for I know it is a destination. What do you guys think? Is it a restaurant? A pub? A beach resort? I have heard that it is somewhere in Ireland but not too sure what is exactly the place is. Another clue is this O'Mara's Facebook Group so if anyone is curious like me about this destination or place then you should go have a look too. The video above that I embed is another clue as well so shall we go and find it out?

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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Hubby's Photography

What can I say? Based on these photos below my husband seems to fit as a photographer in a family. I tell you guys, he is rather a good photographer than me. All of this taken pictures really came out well. He have that good still hands to be a good photographer. Whereas me, myself is too shaky when it comes to snapping especially with a big lens. I guess I am better off with a tripod, don't you think? My photos compare to hubby is a shameless, lol.
This was taken last Sunday when we went to the National History Museum in London. Will share more photos next time.

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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Generic Acomplia

Time to lose weight now after stuffing my fat face during cold days. Now that summer is fast approaching I have to lose the extra pounds I put on and much more the hubby. I guess it is easy this time because of this Generic Acomplia that is looking so promising for a quicker lose weight pills. I don't want to wear my 2 piece swimsuit with my bulging tummy hanging out. So, I better buy this diet pills before summer time really come.
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Stop It!

We had our new doors changed yesterday and it was working all day and made so much noise that made my son shout out loud saying to the construction worker "Stop it" word and it just made me laugh too :) My son is sure a funny little boy!

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CNA Dream

My former college classmates is now taking a cna training and that she is going to apply for overseas care assistant soon as she completes the course. She told me all about cna schools online and all types of training they offer as well as cna courses that might interest me. I told her I can only do that if I quite my job but as of the moment I am happy where I am. But somehow I might consider taking cna training too :) I am happy for my friends because it is her dream to work be CNA and work abroad.
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Monday, 14 April 2008

$100 Bucks Offer

As Francine want to know about this 100 bucks offer! What I am talking about is a $100 bucks offer from SR to my Discover Fashion blog. They buy a review for that blog which is worth 100 bucks. I must admit many people tend to love my DF blog. According to hubby I have picked the most unique and appropriate title "Discover Fashion", eh! So, I guess it's not a surprised that most advertisers love to buy reviews on that blog of mine but so far 100 bucks is the highest one. Hopefully, after work tomorrow I will be able to write my entry and make sure it is worth twice as they paid me (wink).

Thanks to all my visitors and to those who leave comments and message in my shoutbox, I promised to get back to each of your page by tommorow :).

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Friday, 11 April 2008

10 Reasons I blog

I got hit by Mel and I am greatful and so honoured to write my reasons why I blog!

1)Experienced and Daily Life's Storage...in short Online Diary.

2)A chance of meeting friends and expanding my knowledge about computers and etc.

3)Sharing my daily thoughts, get connected to my old friends too.

4)I can share my love of photography.

5)To learn many things such as digital scrapping which I learnt from a friend about a year ago.

6)Serve as my comfort Zone whenever I am sad, depressed or lonely.

7)Meeting different people and learning and understanding other ways of life.

8)I got a chance to earn money.

9)To explore and discover.

10)To develop my writing skills as well as grammar, lol.

From Mel, haze......link your site here too :)

Tagging Francine, Losel, Genny, Nelle, Arlene, Sweetiepie, Carlota, Lily, Rolly, and Anna.

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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Pagerank 2

Talking about pagerank, I know all of my blogs got nothing but ZERO. Oh well, I have one blogspot account that has pagerank 3 and I hope it will stays a little bit longer because I am actully making money with it. I am so jealous and so tempted of submitting my kids blogs into this making money online because both of my kids blogs got Pagerank 2. However, I won't do it yet long as I can resist the tempation, lol. Why not you visit them? Here is my Little boy's blog and here is the blog of my Little Princess....Add them too if you like and just leave your link to add in return.
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WePromiseto Cashback

I am so happy that I finally got a memebership in WePromiseTo Cashback just today. I sign up because I think this is the best company I have come across. Imagine, you get cashback as much as £100 to £200 if you switch your car insurance for example to churchill. It is such a great deal and I know people will be amaze to find out this. I am delightful to be registered. So, if you wan to join just click the url



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Collection to Motherhood

I have switched my blogspot account titled Collection to my own domain titled Motherhood since I had my Discover Fashion blog already to cover up all my fashionable thoughts and where I can write it in. So, I decided that motherhood is another interesting blog for me to make since my blogspot account pagerank has gone into PR0. So, I think there is no point of keeping a free-hosting page where I can make more money if I switched it into my own domain even without pagerank. But as you guys notice Alexa ranks also sucks lately and I hate to think that all my blogs A-rank gone up higher. What a bummer!

All those visitors of mine who wanted a links exchange with me just leave ur links and will add you soon as I can.
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My Dream Bedroom

It is not bad thing to dream, right? For me dream is just another form of illusion. I dream having a big house one day. Speaking of big house at least with a half hectares of garden and 10 bedrooms at least. Yupp, I dream to much, yeah? Oh well, who knows that dream might come true, hehehe. Who would not want to have a cool glass window in the top storey of the house overlooking at the ocean with a bespoke fitted bedrooms? Oh yeah, isn't it cool to think? I would certainly have that dream whenever I get a chance to win a lottery, lol. Alternatively, I could just build a small house with a big fitted bedrooms with it. But then, it would not be perfect and would not certainly fit for a queen like me. Hay, what a fantasy world!

Anyhow, I know that there are loads of people do dream to have at least a very comfortable bedrooms no matter what the sizes. Speaking of a good fitted bedroom, I have stumble across to a site that has a wide variety of bedrooms selections. Have you heard about this website called www.fitted-bedrooms-cheshire.co.uk? Apparently, they come as good among others when it comes to finding a good fitted bedrooms. So why not pay them a visit and see how true is the rumours? I guess you would not get disappointed. Find out now!

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Colour of the Year!

My kids and I oftens wear red colours of clothing. I don't know why but it seems it is a family colour of the year, lol. I am just attracted to the red colour and perhaps it is my new pink, hehehe. I love pink and so my daughter but at the moment we are into red. I mean me, I am into red colour and that I could not resist whenever I see a red clothing. Ohh well, it is perhaps symbol of love! What do you think? Do you guys love red too?

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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Find out Who is Scarlet

Do you know Who is Scarlet? Do you? If you don't know, nor do I, lol. So why not we find out by watching the video above? Apparently, Scarlet Malthe is a new hi TV series so if you fancy to watch the show you must visit the page and find out who is scarlet. All I can say is, she is definitely gorgeous and this tv series is a must-watch. I am very excited to start watching this show. It looks a good one and Scarlet (the star on this show) is looking so hot just like my idol Angie J. It is sure my kind of show and definitely listed as my favourite.

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Great Britain is still Snowing!

Oh yeah! We are still snowing here in Great Britain. I had heard that southeast England had a thinner snowfalls but the rest of United Kingdom were really had a heavy falls of snow last Saturday. Unbelievable and unpredictable weather! Apparently, we will have another snow tomorrow. OMG! Is this our spring here? I can't believe it! Before I know it we will have a snow on summer too, lol. Take a look at our snow photos on weekends! More Photos here....Enjoy!

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Friday, 4 April 2008

X-ray Tech

Each person has its ability, skills and ambitions. After all we have individuality. There are people who love to be actors, actresses or physician, Doctors, Lawyers and all those high standards of jobs and careers. While some others prefers to stay at home looking after childrens or work just a part time or get a secondary courses or vocational courses. There might be others who like to be a medical assistant, like for instance a x-ray technician who helps or assist the x-rays or the one who take the x-rays photos. A radiographers is what they call it. If you fancy to become an x ray technician then you should go and take an online courses no other than a xray technician schools. Take a peek at medical-career-training.com and see what they can offer you.

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Rain or Shine

Latest outings we had was last weekend where we had a chance to take photos with the wild flowers and of course me and the kids too. It was not a great day because apart from being so windy and cold it was also raining before we went out so its no surprised that the park was a little wet and full of mad. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our day despite the weather. Here are some couple of snaps and more on my other blogs and will share the rest later.

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Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Looking for home or garden tools? Then why not visit Undertool.com now! It exactly the same as ebay but better, I guess.
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11 People

Thanks Chikai for this fun tag. I didn't cheat, I guess, hahahaha.

Name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don’t read the questions underneath until you write the names of all the 11 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first. No cheating.

1)Mama -I missed her
2)Papa - I missed him too.
3)Hubby - the love of my life
4)Robin - my nephew who had already a live-in partner which really shocked me.
5)Egay - my very intelligent niece who always top in their class. I missed her!
6)Josephine - my bestfriend whom just got engage recently with an American guy from Cali.
7)Tracy - My close friend who live in Leyte, already married to Texan guy too.
8)Carlota - thinking if how I can persuade her to make me a cute pink blog layout, hehehe.
9)Shabem - How I admires her photography and scrapping.
10)Dingdong Dantes - I am annoyed that he is still with his gf K, don't like it.
11)Marian Rivera - my current filipino actress idol. She is sooo beautiful!

Here's the most exciting bit of the tag.....

1. How did you meet #4? ---------He is my newphew so of course I met him within family, lol.

2. What would you do without #6? -----My highschool life would not as be so funny and memorable without her.

3. What would you do if #2 and #6 were going out? ----It's very unlikely, lol. I definitely would stop the world for them, hehehehe.

4. Who’s #10’s best friend? ------I guess at the moment is Marian, he's girlfriend to be, whoaaa.

5. Have you ever eaten around #1? -----Yupp! It's my mother and I grew up with her good old recipe, hehehe.

6. Do you miss #2? Yupp, so much!

7. Who is #11 dating? I hope she is dating Mr DD.

8. What do you think of #3? The most amazing person in the world and the greatest that God has given me.

9. What do you think of #9? A great person, very talented, simple yet elegant and shophisticated.

10. Who does #2 like? My Mama? I hope so...they been married for nearly 40 years.

11. Would you marry #8? Hmmmmm..if I was a man? Yes, absolutely!

I am tagging Mama Nance, Sweetie, Francine, Losel, Anna, Amy,

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Fashion Schools

My fashion dream is too far from reality. Hubby oftens reminds me that if I don't persevere I don't get what I am really dreaming in life. I guess, I am just content being a part time worker and a mother to my adorable kids. But career wise I fancy becoming a fashion designer. I know it is unlikely to happen but who knows one day I will actually go to fashion schools and once I complete the course I could easily get a fashion jobs anywhere in London as there is loads of hiring at the moment since fashion careers are highly in demand. So, I should not doubt of what I can do and just believe in myself.
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My Favourite Pics

Last Sunday we had a walked through the park and hubby took so many photos. He was the photographer of the day and he took this very artistic shot of a bird in the tree. Of all the pics this is my favourite one, it just something so artsy, don't you think?
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Pharmacy Courses

When I heard about pharmacy word it reminds me of my dream course, lol. Long way back in my college I enrolled to be a pharmacist but then withdrawn for the first semester because I was struggling to cope up some subjects due to my hectic work schedule. Now, I am thinking that perhaps this is the time to continue and pursue my dream since there is pharmacy technician course available online. It would make my life a lot easier if I become pharmacy tech one day. Not just my life but the life of my family. I know there is loads of work out there as a pharmacy technician salary so if I decide to this course I would not struggle to find a job later on.

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Do you Buy Gold Coin?

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The Office (Bum Catch)

This is a good short video to watch and I suggest that you watch it all through the end. And I can assure you a good day afterwards. It wouldn't take you long to watch the whole video, probably take only a minute and your done. Enjoy!

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