Saturday, 6 December 2008

Package has Arrived!

I sent a super Jumbo package to my family back in Philippines 6 weeks ago and it has just arrived last Monday. They were delighted of all the goodies I've sent especially the chocolates, digital camera and mobile phones. I am also happy knowing that they like what I bought them. It was loads of goodies for sure for it was a Super Jumbo size of box with a free bulilit one. Jireh international shipping is the best one to use. I have used other shipping company before during my first 3 packages and unfortunately I'd lost some items as it was already open before my family got hold of it. It was so upsetting knowing how much I'd spent just to shipped it through so that my family can have some luxury once in a while and lost it after all? Little did I know that the delivery men would actually stole it. But my last package did arrived completely full. Its still sealed when its delivered and my family was amazed of all the contents. I just want to treat them and share a little bit of what I've got. I'm grateful for I'm blessed with so much therefore I want to share it with the people I loved.

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Shabem® said...

Same diay ta ani ug experience my first one wasn't good kay nag 6 months gyud ang mga packages before miabot didto. Murag gigamit sa tawo ang kwarta usa gi send ang boxes. Na melt na gyud tawon chocolates. This last time pod since naa na PNB cargo duol nag 2 months pod. I did countless calls in Manila ang California. Pero may gani niabot ra.
Pagka hasol uy maka discourage usahay. I bet happy gyud ang nakadawat sa imo mga goodies!