Saturday, 6 December 2008

Im Grateful

for I have a husband who never failed to suprised me and never will say "NO" to whatever I wish to have for as long as he can afford. I hate to say it but I am a little spoilt by him. I think he just want me to have the best in life. I also dont demand to anything he couldn't afford. After all, we had children to provide in the first place. They are our priority especially their education. But I am just truly blessed to have a husband who loves me so deeply. I am fairly simple wifey of course and I don't spend too much nor use any credit cards. I also don't hide anything from my husband. When I go shopping, he always knew it and I always show him proudly to whatever new stuff I purchased. Hiding is just the same as stealing and using the husband's credit card without their permission just to get whatever you wish is not good. I don't aprroved of it as it a disrespectful to your behalf. Hubby and I never hide things nor secrets from each other. We knew our financial situation and we discuss things everyday. I am proud to say that I have my most amazing man in the world who are a great provider, a great friend, a great confidant, a great father and a great partner. I couldn't ask for more!

Today, after my work we went shopping and I told him I found a black trench coat that I have been wanting for long. And he bought it straight away without hesitation. I was gonna pay it myself as I have my own money but he insisted and said just a thank gift fo being a good wife and mother. How touching plus with a flower! He never change at all, he is still the same guy I have met 7 years ago. And I hope he'll always remain loving, kind and faithful.

Anyway, here's my newly purchased trench mac coat......will wear it tomorrow to attend a friend's baby christening.

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Shabem® said...

I've never done that pod kanang tago2x hehe... It's all out there for him to see. I get excited when I get good deals pod and flaunt it to him.
It's never really a problem as long as ma afford lang. I prefer debit card that way ma control nako self and it feels good to know na wala muabutay na bill. Lovely coat you have!

Windmill said...

Great to read articles like this. :)

jennyr said...

nice coat Haze! I've been looking for a gray or black coat too...hopefully when I get a job I could have it as my 1st purchase from paycheck! Nangarap!lol!