Thursday, 4 December 2008

Ignored task and hubby complained

I have been given tons of task online from few blogging company but ignored them for weeks because I was busy with my work and with the kids. If I am not at work I make sure I spend time with the little ones. Hubby has been complaining of me workign during weekends. Weekends are the only days he can rest and he is always looking forward to it just to spend time with us (his family). I have been working weekends for the past months and this month too. So, hubby has the right to complained. I am trying very hard to say "NO" to overtime but I am just too kind. That's how I married hubby for I didn't wanna say No, hahahaha. [KIDDING]

Anyway, I have my holiday coming in couple weeks time. By then I should be able to take them out and having fun. Hubby is also taking some holiday from 22nd of Dec and probably up to 1st week of Jan. I planned to visit few places that I haven't been before. Will also spend Christmas witht he family.

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Utah Mommy said...

Good for you Haze that you got your job and you also have pending tasks. Ako intawn ani bisan isa nalang wala gyud lols! thanks for dropping by diay. I truly appreciate your very comforting words. God bless!