Sunday, 14 December 2008

Holiday Plan

Me and hubby are both taking holiday this month until the first week of January. Its a grea timing with our daughter's school break too. So, we plan to go off somewhere domestic for few days. We might even take a trip down to Southwest part of UK again to visit his ill Aunt. But the next weekend we will be down at Sussex to see my in-laws. We thought it would be a great fun to stay longer and perhaps accommodate ourselves to one of East Sussex Hotels. Hotel in Rye is such a great place and we would never doubt to check in once we've decide. It would be a great family Christmas getaway. My kids are dying to have us both full time all week, so this gonna be their wish come true. What about you? Any plan this holiday season? If so, then we wish you all a happy christmas wherever you are. Don't eat too much!

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