Thursday, 18 December 2008

Green and Pink Tree

My daughter asked her Daddy if she could have her own christmas tree in her bedroom. So, last week we went out just to especially buy for it. We were gonna get her a real one but unfortunately we could not find that is smaller for her bedroom. She then decided to have a pink tree instead. And also grabbed few ornaments for it and when we got to the till we are surprised how much the tree actually cost. As far as I know before buying it, it will cost at least £8 for this 3ft artificial pink tree. But guess how much it cost? Would you believe it only cost us 1 pence? How cheap! We just got so lucky because by the next day it was back to full price, hehehe. Lucky Kath! So, now she had a pink tree in her bedroom with few ornaments in it. And our green tree is also up since Dec 1.



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Windmill said...

Hi Haze,

I wish you Yuletide Joy and A Blessed New Year together with your family.

Happy Holidays!

irel said...

kapretty sa pink tree lol. wa pa jud koy tree maam. naa koy Christmas tree pero naa sa storage. segi lang hangyu akong family to take it out para mabutang na sa dining room. di lagi ko ganhan tree rong tuiga oi pero gusto lagi sial kay di kuno mostop by si Santa ug way tree saun nalang..

btw, na akoy tag nimo HERE. Tc and enjoy this holiday week:)

Anonymous said...

Hello, dae Haze, namasa ko sa imong posts, and it brought me here. Parehas gyud sila dunay pink Christmas tree, 3 ft. sab kay Lisa parehas gyud, sale sab among palit, half price pud. Tua sa iyang pink sab nga bedroom, lipay si Lisa pagkakita niya sa Christmas tree ni KK.