Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Celebrity Sexy White

I have been so envious about celebrities because they can just get whatever they want in life. I mean they got fame, money, beauty, and anything added to make their life perfect. For instance, having their teeth white and all of that sort. Having said that, I wouldn't mine treating myself into this teeth whitening sometimes. I just felt that my teeth are getting yellowish every year. I think its also ageing, don't you think so? I think I have to be careful when it comes to looking after my teeth. I would want to maintain my sexy smile with a clean white teeth. However, stains can't be avoided especially when you are caffeine addictive. Honestly, my teeth are not as white as it looks in the photo and sometimes I even get so depressed starring at it for hours. I have a serious thought of bleaching it but the cost is unbelievable. It'll be my new years resolution to have a Celebrity Sexy White smile, don't you? How I truly wish! Well, I have to be sensible and use celebrity sexy white and hopefully I get what I wish for. I can't wait to try it and I am so excited and much-anticipated of the result because based on some reviews I read on, Celerity Sexy White does really works!

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Amy said...

Hi Haze, Have a blessed happy & healthy new year 2009 to you & family! cheers:)