Monday, 10 November 2008

Winter Get-away!

Planning sometime off this winter? Ski Holidays Norway is a perfect place to go. If you are a big fan of skiing then this should be the place for you. Me and my family are still working out the best time to go. I have asked hubby that we should go after Christmas but he insisted that we should go before. I would really love to see Voss. This is going to be our first ski holidays (me and my kids) so, just as well we choose a great destination like Voss. I wouldn't want to spoil my first skiing holiday with crowd of people so, Voss is the right one. I would want us to enjoy and relax the whole holiday. Hubby wanted his peace as well. So, Voss tick all the boxes where kids can enjoy and have a great fun while me and hubby can just chill. Aside from skiiing there are some other things in which we can all enjoy and experience such as nature and culture. I can't wait for out trip and I am just excited as kids. Imagine, this would be my first ski holiday. I am not sure whether I am fast learner or completely clumpsy. Ohh, I can't wait to see the beautiful Voss which is located in Norway. Good destination for all ages.

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