Monday, 10 November 2008

Who is Calling?

Earlier of the day I am usually busy preparing breakfast and cleaning and the least thing I could do is to run and answer the phone calls. What is the most annoying thing is, the phonecalls is not even from someone who I've known or from someone I expecting to call. Most of the phone calls in the house is telemarketing and I so hate it. I often just hang-up or tell them not to bother calling anymore for I am not slightly interested. Some phonecalls are from people who are cowardly hiding their identity from me and just keep on trying to check me every now and then whether I am doing alright here in UK. In short to check me out if I am struggling yet or not simply because that will make them even happier. So, just few bugs in my life, thats all. Sometimes I am curious if what is I have this caller ID to find out who exactly they are? [LOL]! How about you? Do you experience the same thing? If so, then you should not worry no more for you can actually find it out and Report Phone Numbers if you must. Visit and find out how?

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