Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Short Break Wales

I have always made clear to hubby that I wanted to tour United Kingdom first before anywhere else. There are more to see around UK and why not travel and get to know the countries where I lived? Short Break Wales would be great for our Christmas get-away. If we are not going to Ski then will just go and have a Christmas break at Wales instead. It would be less expensive and less hassle for us especially we have some kids in tow. Celtic Haven provide holiday cottages in Tenby Wales so, accomodation will never be a problem. Wales is a nice place to visit. I haven't been there since so, I guess this will be a perfect time to go. Why not? Wales has a lot to offer be it shopping, attraction, pubs, restaurant and a lot more. I sure enjoy it all. I better convince the hubby and who knows this Christmas we could be spending it in Wales.

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Jade said...

Hi Haze,

Thanks so much for your concern with Cacai. Any help is welcome. In fact your thoughtful messages is also greatly appreciated.

Thanks again dear!