Saturday, 22 November 2008

Not very Flattering!

Yesterday at work I had this woman customer who seems very nice. We chatted while I servicing her. And this is our conversation.......

Woman: Btw, where you come from?
Me: Oh, I'm from Philippines.Woman: Oh ic, I thought your some kind of Mexican.
Me: ( flattered!)
Woman: You speak like American, so I thought your from somewhere in America maybe Mexican.
Me: (SIGH)...was bit embarrased for I reacted so proudly because I'd thought she would say that I am as beautiful as Mexican people. [LAUGH] Only the way I speak, not so flattering I thought.

I'd love it if people would mistaken me as Mexican for I so love their beauties. Unfortunately, they've often mistaken me as Chinese or if not a Thai, Korean and Japanese. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against these country and the people only that I am so envy to those people who have this latin and spanish look with a pair of beautiful big eyes with so curly lashes.

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Garry said...

You are as good looking as any Mexican girl I have ever seen, you are a beautiful looking girl.