Monday, 3 November 2008

Hubby's new Blue-ray Disc

Three things hubby can't live without are, his books, Dvd's and his Television. Now that there is a new high-technology being introduced, he thought he has to update our DVD player into a Blu-ray as well.(An optical disc that can record and play high-definition video. Typically cost more than an HD-DVD player). So, it means it will cost us even more when it comes to buying films. It is at least twice as much as buying normal DVD's but it has a better resolution or quality of picture.

Hubby bought his Blue-ray Disc couple months ago together with his Samsung LCD screen Full-HD (1080) with a 100hrtz. The bad thing is, we bought all our favourite films in DVD's and now it looks like we are about to re-buy them again in Blue-ray. How rediculous is that? {SIGH}. Nothing I can do it's hubby's collection and he wanted it all to be the same. I might just asked him to give all these hundreds of DVD's to my family back in Philippines. Recently, we just bought Iron man, Pirates of Carribean, Enchanted, Blood Diamond, Ramboo and a lot more in Blue-ray. Bare in mind, we already have it all in DVD's. So, I think I better shut-up after all it's hubby's earnings and he deserve to treat himself once in a while.

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