Friday, 28 November 2008

Gifts Ideas

Have you had your Christmas list yet? It's only 26 days and it'll be the favourite celebration for everyone. Have you thoughts of gifts and gifts ideas for your love ones this year? Me, I got an ipod 2 years ago from the hubby with love but wouldn't mine having a new one this year, perhaps an ipod touch. I have been asked by the hubby on what would I fancy to have this year. I mention a few and one of them is perfume. I hadn't receive any perfume for the past few christmas. However, I am as always grateful to whatever I recieve as its the thoughts that counts. Nevertheless, I still would have these two items on my christmas wishlist this year. Ipod touch and perfumes would be in my top list. On the other hand, I also need to do my shopping soon for my family here and back in Philippines. I have some great ideas on what to give to each of them. My younger sis would also love to have an ipod. In fact, she is asking for my old one but I don't know yet whether I get a new one this year or not. I might just as well buy him an ipod nano and some perfumes for my nieces and nephews too. I have to browse through savebuckets for I know they'll have a wide range of great gifts ideas for this year holiday season. Would be great to save some bucks too since I have a very tight budget this year but I don't want to give crap presents either so, savebuckets is perfect place where I can shops for gifts. What about you? Have you done your christmas shopping list yet? If not, you better do it soon or you'll be in Christmas rush. Try browsing now for some gifts ideas.

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