Monday, 3 November 2008

Extremely Busy

I am extremely busy these days. Who would have thought that organising parties would be such a difficulty? My daughter is going to celebrate her 7th birthday very soon and I'm not even done my menu list. Don't really know what I'm gonna cook for dessert. I was thinking fruit salad, leche plan and maja but unfortunately I don't know how make them. I guess I better ask for my friend's help otherwise it'll be such a mess. Besides, there are few things that keep me occupied for the past weeks such as govermental paper processing. We cancelled our Euro-Disney trip this year and instead wait the next year when my citizenship will be granted. It's only me who hasn't got British passport so its kinda hard for us to travel without applying for visa's. I might have to wait for that Disneyland dream of mine.

What more is, I am also focusing in my home project back in Pinas. Hope to accomplish it soon before our next trip. That is one reason that I am working hard and taking lots of OT these days. It may cost me a fortune but at least I can see where my money's going. I am also setting aside some personal savings without hubby's help. I try to put aside quarter of my earnings every month to my savings account. So far, its growing and I am so happy to think that I am able to do it on my own. I tell you, it feels so good to think that you have savings from your hard-earned money. I somewhat feel great for myself. So, I am hoping to get more hours as soon as possible. In few months time, I hope my son can get a place in the nearby nursery school. It'll be more time for myself then to do what I would wish to, like go shopping without any distractions at all. Ooh, how I wish! Soon.....for sure!

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