Saturday, 15 November 2008

Christmas Spirit

It just weeks away and it'll be Christmas! Isn't it time flies? Oh my, it just mean that we are also getting old, hehehe. Anyway, these are the first stuff I bought months ago for my Christmas decorations this year. Not too many since I had so much left from last year which I keep from my in-law's attic. These are only additional to what I've got. I actually don't need anymore but I couldn't resist the temptation. I am so excited for this year's Christmas not because I'll get presents but because I love the idea of celebrating it. So, for my excitement put up some decoration as early as November. I know I shouldn't have done it until December but who cares? It's my house and I can do whatever I like, lol. Just a few peek for my new bought decorations.

More photos here...


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Anna said...

Hello dai haze, wow io ka nindut man aning imohang mga photography dinhi. Musta naka dinha?

Shabem® said...

Maayo pa ka ga shopping na. I opt for a white tree this year, so mag buy pa lagi. Pero naa na pod ko mga old ornaments.
Lovely photos!