Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Autumn 2008

This was during my eldest half-term break and for the whole week we didn't do much because the weather was so crap. Basically, heavy rain and was also frosty and gloomy that staying home was very much an option, lol. I felt sorry for my daughter because she was probably bored of doing the same thing again and again (watching television, eat, play her toys then sleep). All I did was took them both to the nearby park during that one fine day, it was Oct 29, to be exact. It was not warm but at least it was dry though the ground was still a little bit wet. But I see how excited they were on our way to the park that they even lose interest on stopping by in the shops to get some nibbles because all they could think of is run around and play in the park. They were soo excited to be loose once again. It seems to me they are some kind of wild animals who never been out for a decade. [LOL]

Alright, while we were at the park, I took a few snaps to share......

IMG_0954, originally uploaded by Haze_UK.

Lovely kiddo's of mine :), originally uploaded by Haze_UK.

IMG_0919, originally uploaded by Haze_UK.

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