Friday, 28 November 2008

Gifts Ideas

Have you had your Christmas list yet? It's only 26 days and it'll be the favourite celebration for everyone. Have you thoughts of gifts and gifts ideas for your love ones this year? Me, I got an ipod 2 years ago from the hubby with love but wouldn't mine having a new one this year, perhaps an ipod touch. I have been asked by the hubby on what would I fancy to have this year. I mention a few and one of them is perfume. I hadn't receive any perfume for the past few christmas. However, I am as always grateful to whatever I recieve as its the thoughts that counts. Nevertheless, I still would have these two items on my christmas wishlist this year. Ipod touch and perfumes would be in my top list. On the other hand, I also need to do my shopping soon for my family here and back in Philippines. I have some great ideas on what to give to each of them. My younger sis would also love to have an ipod. In fact, she is asking for my old one but I don't know yet whether I get a new one this year or not. I might just as well buy him an ipod nano and some perfumes for my nieces and nephews too. I have to browse through savebuckets for I know they'll have a wide range of great gifts ideas for this year holiday season. Would be great to save some bucks too since I have a very tight budget this year but I don't want to give crap presents either so, savebuckets is perfect place where I can shops for gifts. What about you? Have you done your christmas shopping list yet? If not, you better do it soon or you'll be in Christmas rush. Try browsing now for some gifts ideas.

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Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Outfit Test

I was just curious to find out what would be my outfit test result and here it is...I quite agree with it. Wanna find out yours?

What This Outfit Says About You

Your style is very sophisticated and elegant.

Even if you're wearing jeans, you still know how to look classy.

You are enchanting and mysterious. You take your image seriously.

You are glamourous in a delightfully old-fashioned way.

Your high end fashion designer match: Nanette Lepore

Your must have accessory: Long gloves

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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Holiday Cards

Is this time of the year again where you want everything to be perfect and organise. I have yet to organise our holiday cards to sent out to our friends and relatives this year. Last year we weren't that organised enough that we manage to forgot a few and hopefully we could make it up this year. I have been browsing from gallery collection of their holiday cards. I am eyeing for something special this year and since they are also supporting the Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation , I thought I could at least help a bit by simply purchasing their great holiday cards collection. There are sure a wider range of cards to choose and certainly I would pick up the best and appropriate one this year holiday season. Gallery collection do designs all sort of greeting cards. You can even request a catalog for free samples for their greeting cards designs. I am sure you would want one as much as I do. I thought it would be useful for me to have their catalog. So, visit gallerycollection website now for more great holiday cards designs.

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Autum/Winter '08 Layout

I have been taking advantage of my spare time lately and scrapped as many as I could before my mojo will run out again. I also splurged out a bit from my favourite designers to add to my scrapping kits collection. These are total eye candy kits. You can get it from Shabby pickles store now. Got few from Jofia and Kasia too.

So, here's a couple of layout to share and I actually made quite a few and you can click and view it here......

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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

When time like this....

Short of cash?Payday Loans Fast is here to help! In today's economy is looking really shaky and everyone is panicking on how to survive. Like us, we decided to move back in into our old pad. The guys are already done redocorating it the other day and it turns out really nice especially the bathroom. So, we practically think that we are better off living on our place until we can buy a bigger one. If things goes well with us, we might buy in 7 to 9 months time depending on the house market. So, in couple months time we are heading back to our old flat and on that way we could at least save £600 if not more. So, practically speaking it will suit our budget. Plus, Christmas holidays is just somewhere around the corner and we need cash to buy presents to our love ones, so budgetting and saving is a must. But in case of any cash shortage we can always apply for a quick payday loans. At payday loans mania they offer a great servicing and fast funding loans via online in just a matter of seconds. So, it's rather tempting to get one right now. This is sure handy for people who are facing difficult financial situation. So, don't panic and never hesitate to come apply for short payday loan at for they'll sure guarantee your application without hassles.

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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Not very Flattering!

Yesterday at work I had this woman customer who seems very nice. We chatted while I servicing her. And this is our conversation.......

Woman: Btw, where you come from?
Me: Oh, I'm from Philippines.Woman: Oh ic, I thought your some kind of Mexican.
Me: ( flattered!)
Woman: You speak like American, so I thought your from somewhere in America maybe Mexican.
Me: (SIGH)...was bit embarrased for I reacted so proudly because I'd thought she would say that I am as beautiful as Mexican people. [LAUGH] Only the way I speak, not so flattering I thought.

I'd love it if people would mistaken me as Mexican for I so love their beauties. Unfortunately, they've often mistaken me as Chinese or if not a Thai, Korean and Japanese. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against these country and the people only that I am so envy to those people who have this latin and spanish look with a pair of beautiful big eyes with so curly lashes.

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Tactical Gear

I have been wanting to buy Tactical gear for my cousins because he asked me sometime ago its because, he could not find any decent one back home. He is working as a police officer and is very keen to get a good quality tactical pants and such. So, I guess I can buy him one as a Christmas gift. He said he's gonna pay me back but I thought it would be nice to give him a little something. After all he is my favourite cousins out of a hundreds. A little something would always make him happy especially if it is very useful for his work.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

He's a real Boy!

This is my son who will turn 3 yrs old in 2 months time. We knew what we would get him in his birthday and of course this Christmas. He's been mentioning quite a few toys already to his Christmas wishlist. One of it is, dinosaurs, a T-REX especially. He also love cars, tractors and many more boys toys. He is such a real boy and that made his Daddy very proud. He wanted a son like him and so he got one. Anyway, I'd thought of sharing few pictures of my little guy playing his radio control car I got him last week and his tractor.


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Monday, 17 November 2008


I really try to have some fruits everyday as part of our healthy diet. My kids especially that they are still growing and I want them to have a better diet so they could grow up healthy. I am so fortunate because they both love fruits and vegetables. I usually don't have hard time feeding them and fruits are one of their favourite snacks. Im not gonna say that they don't eat junk because they do but I really try to balance their diets. That is why I always include various fruits into our shopping list every week. I usually end up buying too much. Melons are their fave's as well as pears.

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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Christmas Spirit

It just weeks away and it'll be Christmas! Isn't it time flies? Oh my, it just mean that we are also getting old, hehehe. Anyway, these are the first stuff I bought months ago for my Christmas decorations this year. Not too many since I had so much left from last year which I keep from my in-law's attic. These are only additional to what I've got. I actually don't need anymore but I couldn't resist the temptation. I am so excited for this year's Christmas not because I'll get presents but because I love the idea of celebrating it. So, for my excitement put up some decoration as early as November. I know I shouldn't have done it until December but who cares? It's my house and I can do whatever I like, lol. Just a few peek for my new bought decorations.

More photos here...


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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Join the Fun and Win great Prizes

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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Autumn 2008

This was during my eldest half-term break and for the whole week we didn't do much because the weather was so crap. Basically, heavy rain and was also frosty and gloomy that staying home was very much an option, lol. I felt sorry for my daughter because she was probably bored of doing the same thing again and again (watching television, eat, play her toys then sleep). All I did was took them both to the nearby park during that one fine day, it was Oct 29, to be exact. It was not warm but at least it was dry though the ground was still a little bit wet. But I see how excited they were on our way to the park that they even lose interest on stopping by in the shops to get some nibbles because all they could think of is run around and play in the park. They were soo excited to be loose once again. It seems to me they are some kind of wild animals who never been out for a decade. [LOL]

Alright, while we were at the park, I took a few snaps to share......

IMG_0954, originally uploaded by Haze_UK.

Lovely kiddo's of mine :), originally uploaded by Haze_UK.

IMG_0919, originally uploaded by Haze_UK.

How to Combat Menopause?

Menopause is the least of thing I look forward to. However, I can't grow old without passing that stage. Women hate to admit that they don't like experiencing menopause. This is the most hated part of life especially to those who postphoned having children at earlier age. I might be wrong on this. What do women out there think? Do you look forward to the stage of menopause? I bet you don't, just like me. But unfortunately that is part of being a woman. When that time comes we should just accept it and perhaps deal it with a complete care. That would be a huge change of our hormones that might caused us a very temperamental person. Our love ones should suffer for that period of time. They should get ready and practice on how to deal with patience and love. Anyway, there are some articles as well as simple medications about how to combat menopause or to stop the symptons only at so why not you visit to learn some information?

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Remembrance Day

Today is the "Remembrance Day" here in Britain. 'Tis the time of the year where people wear red poppy to remember the people who died in the world war 1 and world war 2 and such. So, we shall remember to those people who couragely fought in the war and to those who innocent who died in the war. Here's a famous fourth Stanza poem written by Laurence Binyon (1869 - 1943);

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

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Short Break Wales

I have always made clear to hubby that I wanted to tour United Kingdom first before anywhere else. There are more to see around UK and why not travel and get to know the countries where I lived? Short Break Wales would be great for our Christmas get-away. If we are not going to Ski then will just go and have a Christmas break at Wales instead. It would be less expensive and less hassle for us especially we have some kids in tow. Celtic Haven provide holiday cottages in Tenby Wales so, accomodation will never be a problem. Wales is a nice place to visit. I haven't been there since so, I guess this will be a perfect time to go. Why not? Wales has a lot to offer be it shopping, attraction, pubs, restaurant and a lot more. I sure enjoy it all. I better convince the hubby and who knows this Christmas we could be spending it in Wales.

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Off Colour

Poor son of mine has been suffering dry cough for weeks now. He's been so unlucky lately because he seems to be getting ill day after day. Daddy got this nasty cough first which made him sick for a week then later passed it on to our boy. My son is losing his appetite and would not eat anything but milk. I have tried giving him fruits as well. He still have his dry cough and now he has high temperature. Already took him to the Doctor last week when he has this earache. It ain't nice dealing with a sick little boy. I felt so bad for my son. I wish I could just took his illnesses over instead. I hope he'll feel better soon and get back to what he was, a lively little boy.

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Monday, 10 November 2008

Winter Get-away!

Planning sometime off this winter? Ski Holidays Norway is a perfect place to go. If you are a big fan of skiing then this should be the place for you. Me and my family are still working out the best time to go. I have asked hubby that we should go after Christmas but he insisted that we should go before. I would really love to see Voss. This is going to be our first ski holidays (me and my kids) so, just as well we choose a great destination like Voss. I wouldn't want to spoil my first skiing holiday with crowd of people so, Voss is the right one. I would want us to enjoy and relax the whole holiday. Hubby wanted his peace as well. So, Voss tick all the boxes where kids can enjoy and have a great fun while me and hubby can just chill. Aside from skiiing there are some other things in which we can all enjoy and experience such as nature and culture. I can't wait for out trip and I am just excited as kids. Imagine, this would be my first ski holiday. I am not sure whether I am fast learner or completely clumpsy. Ohh, I can't wait to see the beautiful Voss which is located in Norway. Good destination for all ages.

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What a weekend it was!

The whole weekend was great fun for us especially to my daughter who is celebrating her 7th birthday. She sure had a great time and it was all worth every penny we spent to make her birthday something special. Despite the credit crunch we managed to set aside budget for our daughter's birthday party. She was able to invites all her friends in school and enjoyed few hours with her in the house with animals. It was indeed a great celebration and Daddy never ceased to suprised our little girl. She was the most beautiful princess in the world. I took loads of photos but hopefully it will come out good. I will share them later on. Now, I have to get my a** off ready for work. I'll see all you tonight if not tomorrow.

Thanks for always peeking! come back!

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Who is Calling?

Earlier of the day I am usually busy preparing breakfast and cleaning and the least thing I could do is to run and answer the phone calls. What is the most annoying thing is, the phonecalls is not even from someone who I've known or from someone I expecting to call. Most of the phone calls in the house is telemarketing and I so hate it. I often just hang-up or tell them not to bother calling anymore for I am not slightly interested. Some phonecalls are from people who are cowardly hiding their identity from me and just keep on trying to check me every now and then whether I am doing alright here in UK. In short to check me out if I am struggling yet or not simply because that will make them even happier. So, just few bugs in my life, thats all. Sometimes I am curious if what is I have this caller ID to find out who exactly they are? [LOL]! How about you? Do you experience the same thing? If so, then you should not worry no more for you can actually find it out and Report Phone Numbers if you must. Visit and find out how?

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Friday, 7 November 2008

Quick Update!

I'll be very busy the next days for I am stll preparing for my daughter's party. This is just a very quick update....just to great my sister a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!.

Visit my other blog

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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Kath is 7th Today

Defintely time flies! My eldest is officially 7 yrs old today! She been bugging us last night if she could open one of her present that was given in advance by some friends but we told her "NO" because she should wait in the morning. So, this morning she was jumping with joy. I went to her bedroom and sang her happy birthday with my son. She was so happy and her face was more than enough evidence. She is just excited that finally after the long wait she is once again celebrating her birthday. She is like that, she always count the days till her birthday. Anyway, she had open our cards this morning as well as some present especially from Auntie Joanna. She have more to open the whole weekend that for sure. She'll have her party with family this Saturday and with her friends on Sunday.

Anyway, we are going to take her shopping right after school. Still not bought her present because she wasn't really asking for anything. So, we just have to think what could be the best present for her this year. Alright, father and daughter is now back from school so, I have to say goodbye for now and see you later.

One more thing, just a simple "CHEERS" to OBAMA, the new American President! Well done! Hubby thought he would definitely win and so he did!

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Monday, 3 November 2008

Hubby's new Blue-ray Disc

Three things hubby can't live without are, his books, Dvd's and his Television. Now that there is a new high-technology being introduced, he thought he has to update our DVD player into a Blu-ray as well.(An optical disc that can record and play high-definition video. Typically cost more than an HD-DVD player). So, it means it will cost us even more when it comes to buying films. It is at least twice as much as buying normal DVD's but it has a better resolution or quality of picture.

Hubby bought his Blue-ray Disc couple months ago together with his Samsung LCD screen Full-HD (1080) with a 100hrtz. The bad thing is, we bought all our favourite films in DVD's and now it looks like we are about to re-buy them again in Blue-ray. How rediculous is that? {SIGH}. Nothing I can do it's hubby's collection and he wanted it all to be the same. I might just asked him to give all these hundreds of DVD's to my family back in Philippines. Recently, we just bought Iron man, Pirates of Carribean, Enchanted, Blood Diamond, Ramboo and a lot more in Blue-ray. Bare in mind, we already have it all in DVD's. So, I think I better shut-up after all it's hubby's earnings and he deserve to treat himself once in a while.

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Extremely Busy

I am extremely busy these days. Who would have thought that organising parties would be such a difficulty? My daughter is going to celebrate her 7th birthday very soon and I'm not even done my menu list. Don't really know what I'm gonna cook for dessert. I was thinking fruit salad, leche plan and maja but unfortunately I don't know how make them. I guess I better ask for my friend's help otherwise it'll be such a mess. Besides, there are few things that keep me occupied for the past weeks such as govermental paper processing. We cancelled our Euro-Disney trip this year and instead wait the next year when my citizenship will be granted. It's only me who hasn't got British passport so its kinda hard for us to travel without applying for visa's. I might have to wait for that Disneyland dream of mine.

What more is, I am also focusing in my home project back in Pinas. Hope to accomplish it soon before our next trip. That is one reason that I am working hard and taking lots of OT these days. It may cost me a fortune but at least I can see where my money's going. I am also setting aside some personal savings without hubby's help. I try to put aside quarter of my earnings every month to my savings account. So far, its growing and I am so happy to think that I am able to do it on my own. I tell you, it feels so good to think that you have savings from your hard-earned money. I somewhat feel great for myself. So, I am hoping to get more hours as soon as possible. In few months time, I hope my son can get a place in the nearby nursery school. It'll be more time for myself then to do what I would wish to, like go shopping without any distractions at all. Ooh, how I wish! Soon.....for sure!

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Love Binoculars?

Then check this Nikon ATB Promotion now? This promotion does look really good. Its a great deal. Imagine, when you purchased a Nikon ATB Binoculars you get a a free Nikon PRO Gear. Isn't it amazing? So, you must now hurry before the promotion ends. It will run until this Dec 31st. This is not an ordinary promotion to be missing out. It'll be your only chance to get that Free Nikon Gear as you wish. You can choose what you like. Plus, a free $25 to $50 giftcard vouchers. So, what are you waiting? Go and visit now.

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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Just a quick update!

You might be wondering where I've gone but I just letting you know that I am still doing fine here. Just that work is keeping me so occupied for the past weeks. Hubby was on holiday since thursday and that give us a little time together as a family. Kids had their halloween costumes day as well as pumpkin carving and trick and treating only within the family of course. Had few pictures to share but not until I have enough time to download it. For now, all I can think of is get ready for work. Ooh, I better not forget my breakfast or I'll be turning like monster a gain. Better keep my sugar level ottherwise it'll be another day of not talking, hehehehe. I don't really want to repeat our disastrous day yesterday.

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