Saturday, 11 October 2008

Way Too Expensive

My friends brother and his family came over to visit her here in England. They were not that tight of money when it comes to signature handbags but were shocked how pricey our food here and etc. They even complaint the taxi's charge for just 3 minutes ride they were asked for £30. They said England is way too expensive especially when they went for grocery shopping where a £100 pounds is just a basket of meat. They said in America it can be their weeks of food already. I think part of it is, they converted everything into Dollars that is why they find it too expensive. Just like when I was new here in England I find everything too pricey especially a £10 top. But now, I'm used to the prices here. But really, I agree to my friends brother and family that England is way too expensive country to live. Imagine, a 4 bedroom house let say, 100 square meter garden will cost you £400,000 to £500 or maybe more depending on locations. And that is only with tiny bedrooms and gardens whereas in America, my friends brother said that they own a 5 bedroom house that only cost them half million bucks and yet their rooms are thrice the size of her sister's whole pad. WOW! How massive! A 100 sq. meter times 3. Whew! Makes me wanna move to America, hahahaha. So, they convince my friend's husband to make it to America because they have a better lifestyle over there compare here in England. If only that easy!

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The Daily Matters said...

Hi Haze, mo share ko sa akong point of view ani nimo nga post kay it really interests me how some people doesn't have any idea what it takes to live in the US or in some parts of the world that are given high regard by others specially those who haven't been here or experienced living anywhere in Europe. I have not been in Europe, but at least I think this is how to get around with comparisons and contrasts between countries or to be more specific as example between states in the US as to where is most expensive to live.

I think wherever we choose to live is relative in my opinion and as I noticed and understood the way of life abroad or within the US. When you live and work here, you do earn dollars and spend in dollars also while living anywhere in Europe you would be spending their currency. But, it does make a difference if you decide to move to another country that which values your current earning or saving double or perhaps three times and you will likely live like kings and queens for that matter. But then again, it all boils down to the ff: (cost of living, climate, opportunities, lifestyle, and location) and whatnot. Let's just say in this country, a family lives in Irving, Texas in which a 3-4 bedroom house with a nice yard and perhaps with in-ground pool in a gated community sells around 350-450 grand and the median home price is $160,743 with a family median income of $55,648 while the average for best places in the US is $76,893. That house would cost a couple of millions of dollars or more had that house been located within 10-20 miles off of New York City or within the upscale acres of private properties in Greenwich, CT where the median home price is $1,129,000 with family median income per year of $140,803 while in most best places to live in the US the median home price is $259,566. But then again, you live where you can afford and maintain your lifestyle and of course the taxes are much higher for big earners.

Some people do have to live 100 miles or about 2-hour drive one way to work just to make ends meet by living in a lower cost of living state or town to sacrifice and perhaps earn much better. As what my friend who works in NYC with a working husband who I think does well and lives in a $300,000 home about an hour drive to where she works and pays their mortgage every month said, she is enticed about moving to Texas in five years simply because their houses there look bigger yet cheaper or should I mention more affordable for them compared to where they are with about half the price difference. Then after checking into the cost of living on that particular town in Texas, she realized that the median income is $27,000 which goes to show that job opportunities for them may also be limited, thus, living in a middle class 3 bedroom home in upstate NY with perhaps $100k a year of income with higher expenses may also be the same life that some of the families in other states with low cost of living may also enjoy. Oh well. £2 =$1 tells really nothing. It’s just that we need to understand currency values.

Like you said, they must have converted everything they spent in the UK into dollars when in fact they are supposed to spend in sterling pounds as they are in a completely different country and demographics. Well, like what most OFW’s would consider, working abroad and building a home in the Philippines is their best bet if they don’t what to live forever in an adopted country and culture and double the hard work before achieving their goal should they prefer to relocate permanently.

I used to think a $3 ham sandwich we buy in a delicatessen is too much and that amount can feed two people of Jollibee value meals in most cities in the Philippines. Now, I understand why and I just have to get used to it. A peso is a peso and a dollar is a dollar after all. A $1 pair of winter gloves may be cheap but it is what we can call a bargain. LOL!

But one thing I learned from someone which surprised me that some people who are from the US and have moved to the UK will never come back here. Perhaps, the quality of life there is much better? I guess I have to try it myself like you would love to try American lifestyle by coming here.

I don’t really know whether or not I made sense here but that’s just my two cents about this. The bottom line is, if ipataas ang presyo sa mga American dre ang mga palaliton wala nay mopalit. Hehehe. Have a great weekend!

The Daily Matters said...

Pakapin pa diay..sayop unya ko sa akong info if I don't add.. according to the 2006 stats diay to ang mga numbers for prices and income reference for best places according to CNN Money. There's a recent list. Anyway, nice layout here you did a good job!