Monday, 13 October 2008

Tantrum (Terrible 2)

Tantrum (Terrible 2), originally uploaded by Beau Femme.

I finally got time to upload this video to my Flickr account. I am planning to upload more videos as I have so much in my computer.

Anyway, here is my angry son because he didn't get his way. He wanted to use the camera but we didn't let him. After the incident of our last camera (when he dropped it) we decided he is not old enough to touch any. So, he thrown tantrum instead (typical 2 years old). This is what they called "Terrible 2".

I hope he grown out of it soon. Its getting a little bit too much already. According to my in-law's the earlier its start the better. But how come my son still have it and he is hearly 3 years old.

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Shabem® said...

Mura pod diay ni si Joshua. Cute kayo iyaha hinilakan hehe.. nagpapansin diay. TFS!