Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Super Blogger, thats me!

I am overwhelmed after receiving this super blogger awards from a great online friend gwapsy IVY...It's quite flattering all the good things he write about me on her blog. Thanks you very much gwaps for passing this super duper lovely award to me.

Now, passing this beautiful award to the following bloggers.......in no particular order.

1)Francine - she is humble, workaholic, great wife and has multiple blogs and yet managed her time well.

2)JennyL - This woman is unbelievable after owning several blogs, she has yet a new one added to it all. What more is, she is such a good photographer, great digital scrapper and overall very active in all the tags and meme's.

3)Mahal Kaau = Love her hair, love her fashion and style, love her blog and when she make entries, its not just an ordinary writing but she put all her heart to it. Also, she always includes loads of photos.

Okay, grab it guys or you'll be shot gun! [LAUGH]

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...


dagan gyd ko dyon sa, midalikyat kay shot gun non nya ko nimo...hrheheh

ach tulo man akong hingos ani....lol

mibukad gyd akong kasing kagol....

thanks you love my hair.....heheeh

and of course love my blog....thank you, thank you....

ay full of photo loads....aguy, kay di na man ma-express in wrds mao nga through actions n photos na lang uy.....lol

bitaw, thank you kaayo sa appreciation....sa imong feeling sa akoa.

sigi, kay manginabuhi sa ko.....


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi haze,

kanang kung duna kay oras, pls lilia akong blog ha?

again, thank you very much,.....

ari nako, tulog na ko kay gabii na kayo diay.....mangamote ko ugma pa.....lol


jennyL said...

OMG.. HAze what a pleasant surprise. I was thrilled to see this. I humbly accept your award aba eh dapat i post ko to ..proud me at naku baka i shot gun mo ko hehehe.. have a great day HAze