Thursday, 9 October 2008

Sunsent in Devon

Sunsent in Devon, originally uploaded by haze26.

This sunset pic was taken during our summer break in Devon England (southwest part). That where we usually go for a family summer break because that is where hubby use to go when he was a child. That is actually their family tradition because that where his mother grew up. Until now, hubby's Grandmother still live there on her own at the age of 94 yrs old. So, we always try to go their once or twice a year if not more. I love it there because it is more countryside and peaceful especially in Silverton village where hubby's Granny lived.

There are also tons of B&B's where we can stay at a very low prices. Granny can't accomodate us because of our 2 noisy children and she likes her peace especially during nights. She has a 3 bedroom house but she is too old to have someone stay at her house especially with childrens. So, adults are welcome but children are not, hehehe. They will disturbed her peace. But she love my children to bits and always spoilt them everythime we're there.

So, this is one of my many pictures of sunset at Devon. We were driving all the way through the City and witness the so rare beautiful Sunset. So, I quickly took snap of it. Isn't it cool? I didn't even need to edit pure so natural.

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Edele said...

what a wonderful sight haze.