Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Sign of Menopause

Women should be curious about sign of menopause, don't we? Menopause signs can be only to those who are ageing like in between 30's and 40's or majority over 40 years old women, obviously. But one thing to look for are signs, isn't it? I think your body can feel the hormone inbalance, erratic menstrual cycle and it really depends to the person itself and to their hormones changes. Some may experienced grumpiness, much sensitive than they were before too. So, there are actually many early signs of menopause that women can look ahead. I just learnt it from reading books too as well as browsing and researching. My husband has something to look forward to because he thinks I am too grumpy when I have my menstruation but what he doesn't know is I will be thrice as grumpy when I git my menopausal period. Ooh dear, it's going to be a poor hubby indeed. So, gusy or women are you looking forward to have your menopause time? Would you believe that I wish I had my menopause now? I know when the time comes I wouldn't be too happy because it only means that I am ageing, hehehe. But we all get there in the end. We should make a big thing about it. It's an adventure for women to reach different stages in life.

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