Thursday, 9 October 2008

Roman Bath

Roman Bath, originally uploaded by haze26.

Finally, we made it to Bath City in Sommerset. We were supposed to go this place last year but didn't because of some family problems. So, this year in our little summer break-away we finally made it. I was glad because it has been one my list of places to see. Now, I can tick the box.

Anyway, it is a beautiful place indeed where you can see the actual and natural Roman Bath and its steaming. I was to tempted to jump in but unfortunately, its not allowed. It's a great thing to keep and a good tourist spots too. Imagine, this has been running for at least 2000 years. How amazing! The bath water is come from the mountain (a nature spring). I had felt it and it's really warm and is so clear as crystal. It only shows green because of Algaes. Also, seen some great and amazing stuff during Roman times and how they treated people as their slaves. But I guess, that is only a history. Fascinating, really.

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