Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Our Plymouth Trip

Mahangin sa Labas, originally uploaded by Beau Femme.

Here I am, striking a pose after pigging out a big plate of food. I decided to have a stroll around the entire pier with my daughter until hubby had to come after us because the oldies wanted to head home.

Father & Daughter, originally uploaded by Beau Femme.

My mag-ama is here striking a pose for me. It was one hot day in August and it happen that we were at the good place for taking photos. This day we visited a family who are based in Plymouth and luckily it was such a beautiful day so, the whole lot went for a group lunch at Mount Batton. It was quite a good place to eat plus the over looking view to the sea. The kids sure enjoyed running around and climbing the fences out there whilst me enjoyed taking photos the whole day.

sail boats, originally uploaded by Beau Femme.

These are few of the sail boats during that day. They were all out and sailing and was taking advantage of the good weather. We rarely get one, you know.

originally uploaded by Beau Femme.

Here is a picture with my son too......He likes riding in my back, for him it's kinda game and what he didn't know is he is too heavy for me already. But isn't it a nice picture?

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rissa said...

the photos are all gorgeous. love them all. looks like u all had a blast. thanks for sharing!