Saturday, 25 October 2008

Our Friday and how's yours?

I went work working today and didn't finish until 7:45 pm. Work was fine and was excited when finishing up for I thought the husband will be there outside waiting to pick me up. But, what the hell happen? I waited for 10 minutes but no show. So, I decided to just walk home despite of the dark and freezing weather. I was like flying because I was a little scared walking all by myself. Gladly, there were loads of street light and plus cars driving passed on me in which I felt a little safer.

He rang soon after he realised that I was not there in the usual place where he picked me up. However, I was on the road and since I was angry I refused to talk to him (rejected his calls). Imagine, he rang like 100 times until I reached home. I was totally angry and I tell you when I am in the really bad mood, the hubby will not dare walking near me or he'll lose his balls. [LOL]

Anyhow, I got home safe and sound. I quickly send my friend home whom babysit my kids while I was at work. Then, I told hubby to picked up my sister in-law from the town soon after she dropped off Bea and Nicole. Sis in-law decided to stopped by for a cup of tea before going to her mother's place.

Moreover, my son got his first serious cut tonight and that from playing the sharpest knife we have. He was in pain and bleeding. Daddy tried to make him feel better by applying first aid but it just made him feel worst. He scream right after Daddy wipe the antiseptic because it probably make it more painful.

Anyway, my daughter made us all smile when she decided to have a ballet show tonight before her Auntie Amanda went home. So, now we are all fine and I made up with hubby. I thought being late for 10 minutes or so ain't a reason to sulk for the whole night. It's always better to make up before bedtime, isn't it? Alright, gotta love you and leave you all now for I need a good night sleep for tommorow I will be off working again. Have a good one!

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