Thursday, 9 October 2008

Our Eldest

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Here's my little girl that soon will be turning 7 yrs old. She is most of the time a very good girl and as we always said (me and hubby) that we got so lucky for the first time as she is all-in-all a good baby girl. We got no problem of her as she is more independent and fast learner. She has been always acting like a grown up. I guess there is something to do being an eldest child.

During her potty training, it was just automatic and straightforward. She may had few times mishaps but that was all it and she's totally in control of herself. She was only 2 yrs old when she was completely out of nappies (dry). Then she started attending playschool at the age of 2 and a half where she kicked out Daddy from her classroom (poor Daddy) because she want's to be with her teacher and classmates. Only few times Daddy had to sat down inside her classroom then after she prefers Daddy to be out of her sight, hahahaha.

Now, she may have times that she is rebellious which I expect her to be as it is part of growing up but I still think she is way too good compare to most kids at her school. She knows how to clean up her bedroom thought not everyday but at least she is learning which makes me really proud of her. We sometimes fight (natural for a mother and daughter) but we also make up and have hugs. I find her annoying sometimes as she likes to do things her way (not following me anymore) and that is a big deal for me. I think, I am just scared because she is growing up and that she will seek for her independence and freedom. Sad but true, she'll surely get to that age (as we all do). I just hope she still listen to me though otherwise I get insane, hahaha.

Well, as I said she is good girl most of the time (85%) which is very rare. We're lucky indeed!

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