Sunday, 5 October 2008

A month from now

it'll be my daughter's 7th birthday. She is very much excited about it and always reminds me what she wants and needs. I am actually not finish planning in regards on where to have it. My first options is, do it in our house and just hire some bouncy castle thing for her friends and classmate to play and avoid the house getting so messy. But it really depends upon the weather. The actual date would be the 5th of Nov but I guess we will likely do it on the weekend before. I can't do it the Sunday either because I'll be working. Gosh, it's getting closer and yet I am not totally prepared the menu's, games and settings. How stressful to be hosting a party but since it is for my daughter's 7th birthday I'll do it without complain. I want just the best thing for her birthday every year and Daddy is financing everything but relying on me as a sole planner and organiser. I will surely come up with the easiest idea's later. I promised to be done my list of things to do this week otherwise it'll be all late. Can't disappoint my eldest since its her wish to have a big party also it's our promised to her that if we move (which we did few months ago) she's going to have a big party. We used to throw a big party every year when we were still in Philippines and invite all our neighbors, friends and relatives. But here, its not that easy when everything is too pricey, lol. Gotta learn budgetting since it is a lot hardwork to save. So, this year we will throw a quite reasonable party for her. Hope everything goes well.

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Shabem® said...

Mo turn 7 na diay si Kath. Dalaga na gyud. Dali ra man uy? Hope mag enjoy cya sa iyaha party! Good luck sa planning pod.