Sunday, 5 October 2008

I'm Totally Skint

I just got my paycheck today from work and yet I already felt skint. I have used all my money again this month and sent it away to the good hands (school fees) to where it should be spent. Now, I am totally poor and no money. How terrible to have my bank account empty for just few days after receiving my salary. How could I save when there are lot of things to be more prioritised such as paying tuition fees and all of that matters. My plan to go out shopping with my sister in-law will be cancelled because I have no cash anymore. Or perhaps I will just accompany her in two weeks time and let her shop to her heart contents. I, myself should just do window shopping and drools. What if I try to get cash advance? I should consider Auto Loan, shall I? I guess I have to because I'll never know myself that much when I really like something I want to buy it straight away. So, just so I have cash to use whenever I feel the pressure to buy new stuff. I can always pay it the next payday. I have never done it before and I should try it now. I always fancy on getting an personal loan maybe this is the right time. This could be it. Alright, I will visit the autofinder website and find the best loan provider. They should have the whole list of the best loan provider in the web. Okay, I shall go and do the browsing before it gets midnight. I have to sleep before 11 because I have to get up early and take my daugher to school. So, I just leave you all off and finish my browsing about personal loans.

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