Monday, 20 October 2008

Birthday Layout

My little girl is turning 7 very soon and I am super busy organising her party. We plan to invites all her classmates as it'll be their last year being in Infant School. Next year they'll be moving towards primary school and they may not be going to the same school too. So, we thing it's the perfect time to throw a small party for my little girl and invites her friends and classmates. Plus, it's a big birthday as she is turning 7 yrs old. Whatta big girl! So, here I made a simple layout for her. An online invatation card.
credit can be seen here

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Lily said...

Hi Haze,

Agi nimo dinhe,great lang nako imong princess advance happy happy birthday! may all her wish come true.

Take care and enjoy this lovely wednesday.


Gen said...

Hi kathbb,wow 7 na siya?dalia ra sa panahon sa,dili lang hibaw an kathbb duna naka dalaga.Advance happy bday sa imohang dalaga kathbb.
Wish her all the best and good health always of course! its very important kathbb,happy cia sa iyaha bday.Sige adto nako.ciao!

Twerlyn said...

Hello HAze, happy birthday sa imong bb nak-nak..

Nice flicker ba na na scrapbook or naa ka software? ganahan ko..